Woman who collapsed on Emirates flight: Accident cost me my marriage

Emirates passenger says the airline is responsible for her marriage breakdown – and her broken ankle – because air crew ‘refused to serve her more than one glass of water’

  • Lina Di Falco, 54, accused Emirates of failing to provide her with enough water
  • She claimed she began to feel ‘dizzy’ before collapsing and injuring her ankle 
  • The court heard how the incident allegedly took a toll on Ms Di Falco’s marriage 
  • She claimed she can no longer ski or dance as a result of the accident

A woman who is suing Emirates for $300,000 after she collapsed on a flight has claimed the accident led to the breakdown of her marriage.

Lina Di Falco, 54, launched legal action against the airline after injuring her ankle on a flight from Melbourne to Dubai in March 2015 after being refused additional water.

She claimed she repeatedly asked for water after boarding but only received one glass with her meal more than an hour after the plane took off.   

When she started making her way to the bathroom feeling ‘really dizzy’ and like she was going to vomit, the court was told Ms Di Falco collapsed and injured her ankle.  

On Wednesday, Ms Di Falco became emotional as her lawyer told the court how the incident has taken a toll on her life. 

Lina Di Falco (pictured leaving Old High Court in June ) from Moonee Valley, has accused Emirates of failing to provide her with enough water during a 2015 flight 

The 54-year-old council worker said she began to feel dizzy during the flight before collapsing and injuring her ankle 

She was described as an ‘adventurous’ traveller who loved dancing and skiing before the accident.

Ms Di Falco had also claimed she could no longer be ‘the wife [her husband] married,’ and said the accident cost her her marriage, The Herald Sun reported. 

In an earlier hearing, she claimed the accident led her to withdraw from friends and made her lose ‘confidence.’ 

However, the barrister for Emirates, John Ribbands, argued Ms Di Falco’s claims had been ‘significantly overstated.’

He told the court she had issues with her marriage even before the accident and that she only travelled one weekend a year to watch her son ski.

The court heard also from Dr Peter Blombery who said Ms Di Falco may have suffered from a drop in blood pressure and dehydration due to a warm atmosphere in the plane and dry air.  

Mr Ribbands said those conditions were common in flights and pointed out that the plane was equipped with a water fountain.

Justice Jacinta Forbes has not yet made a decision on the case.  

The woman said she now suffers constant ankle pain after sustaining the injury on the 2015 flight from Melbourne to Dubai after being refused additional water

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