Woman with incurable allergy to cold forced to have heating on 30C all the time

A woman has told how she is “allergic” to cold weather, and it took nearly two years to find out why.

Sam Newland, 50, has a rare condition called Cold Urticaria, which means that she will break out in hives and itch when her body is too cold.

This means that she has to have her house constantly at around 30 degrees, despite the ever-increasing energy prices in the UK, reportsThe Mirror .

The Stevenage-based woman said, of the disease which has no cure: “All I can do is keep the house warm, but not too warm, and make sure I've got my medication on me all the time.

''If I start running out of the antihistamine, I can get really stressed and tearful.

"On top of that, I'm now really worried about how we're going to afford a huge increase in bills each month.

"I dread to think what our heating bills are going to jump up to now.

"We were paying £48 a month but I've spoken to our provider and they're now asking us pay £80, and they've even warned there's a possibility it could rise to £160 a month.

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''My husband . . . said that we might have to light a fire and work from the living room.

''I've been desperate to get over to Tenerife to scatter my mum and stepdad's ashes, as it was their final wish but I'm now worrying we might have to make serious cutbacks and might not be able to afford to go.'”

She also admitted that she feels like people “often don't take my condition seriously” and tell her to put on jumpers or to “stop itching”.

''It makes me want to scream in frustration because it's really not that simple,” she added.

''It's a horrific condition – I hate being allergic to the cold.

''If I have a flare-up it's so painful, it's so itchy I've made myself bleed before.''

British Skin Foundation’s Dr Adil Sheraz said that women were “more likely to develop the condition” in their 20s to 40s.

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