Woman's turkey dinosaur and Bovril gravy dinner slammed for 'giving people stomach cramps just looking at it'

A WOMAN'S turkey dinosaur and Bovril gravy dinner has been slammed for 'giving people stomach cramps just looking at it'.

Charlotte D's questionable meal was shared on Twitter's Rate My Plate where users are invited to judge other people's dishes.

The snap shows two breaded turkey dinosaurs next to a pool of brown mash potato flavoured with Bovril – a beefy and salty extract paste.

And people were horrified at the big brown mess.

One person said: "That's really wrong, looks like my cat's litter tray when he was ill."

Another said: "This has gave me cramps in my butt-hole just looking at it."

One horrified user commented: "It's rare I look at a plate of liquidised, deconstructed muck and struggle for words.

"This is so f***ing bad I have no words to describe this heap of steaming cow dung."

Another responded to the tweet saying: "Looks the same when it comes out the other end."

And the toilet jokes didn't end there.

One man said: "Is that butterscotch angel delight or a sloppy turd on that plate? Either way it can't be healthy for the constitution."

Another described it as "looking like my bog after a curry".

And one disgusted woman said: "Oh, dear God, this is horrendous. Are you sure that’s Bovril mash, and not something else?

"Please tell me no one ate that. I have actually shuddered at the thought of someone eating that."

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