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A BOY who was once dubbed the worlds youngest body builder looks unrecognisable more than 10 years after he first began working out.

Comso Taylor received national attention as a youngster after showing off his muscular physique at bodybuilding competitions across the UK.  

Pictures from the age 14 show the teen glistening with stage tan as he posed during practice for his on-stage routines,

He was a star in the making and thought to be heading to the top of the sport.

These days, there appears to be no let up as the gym enthusiast, originally from Inverness, Scotland, works on his muscles regularly.

Facebook photos from the last two years show Cosmo, now thought to be in his early twenties, as he lifts weights and flaunts his impressive abs.  

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It continues a brutal training regime that reportedly started at the tender age of 11 as the Brit became the youngest competitive bodybuilder in the country.

In an revealing interview, he claimed he would lift weights for one hour every day and undertake cardio before school in a bid to keep his body fat below eight per cent.

And growing up in a family of fitness fanatics, the young weightlifter said he was encouraged to take up the sport by his mother and father.

Speaking to the Mail Online, Cosmo said at the time: “My dad's a bodybuilder and he's always been my inspiration. Ever since I was a little boy, all I've wanted to do is step on stage.

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“Dad has encouraged me every step of the way- he's my coach, my gym buddy and my training partner.

“My sister comes to the gym with us too – she's a competitive power lifter and has even won gold medals – I'm really lucky to have such a good support network around me.

He added: “The gym is my life – I love lifting and I love the buzz I get when I hit a personal best or see growth in my muscles."

Despite his young age, Comso was put on a strict four meals a day diet – consisting of lean meat, brown rice, sweet potato and oats.

He was allowed a cheat day only once a week – ensuring he was in the best condition come competition time.

Even in his tender years, Cosmo claimed he could bench more than his own body weight and admitted that it had “taken years to build a good physique.”

He said: “The day before my shows I cut my water right down to dehydrate myself – this helps to bring my muscles to the surface and give me a vascular look.

“It's amazing how much you can change your body through making small tweaks like fluid intake.

“My friends at school are fascinated by my physique because most of them haven't started going to the gym yet.

“They ask me questions all day long about how to get bigger arms and how to pump up your chest.

“Some of my male teachers laugh and joke about how they'd love to have a body like mine too.”

Cosmo’s proud mother Florence said she was extremely proud of his progress at such a young age and insisted that it was his choice to enter the world of bodybuilding.

She said: “His body is earned, not given, and his hard work and dedication has certainly paid off.

“Some parents might think Cosmo's regime is radical for a boy of his age, but it's his choice, he absolutely lives for his training.

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“He is extremely mature for his age, both physically and mentally.”

“We will always support Cosmo in whatever career or sport he decides to pursue as an adult."

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