YouTube rapper Christian Omar Palma Gutierrez admits he DISSOLVED bodies of three murdered students in acid for Mexican drugs cartel

Christian Omar Palma Gutierrez, known by his rapper name 'QBA', says he was recruited to work for a drugs cartel and has participated in three other previous murders.

In videos posted to his 125,000 YouTube subscribers,  the 24-year-old sings about violence, weapons and drugs in songs with titles such as "Death has no schedule."

Gutierrez said he received £114 a week to work for the Jalisco New Generation cartel, and reportedly told investigators a pal had recruited him three months earlier to carry out the cartel's criminal work.

The Jalisco New Generation cartel has become one of the most violent drugs gangs in Mexico, and has been blamed for a series of serious attacks.

Film students Salomon Acevea Gastelum, 25, Daniel Diaz, 20 and Marco Avalos, 20 went missing last month, when they were unwittingly filming a school project at a former hangout for members of the Nueva Plaza gang.

Unknown to them, hit men from the Jalisco cartel were watching the house after a head honcho of the rival Nueva Plaza gang was released from prison.

Chief Investigator Lizette Torres told the Times that after being abducted by the cartel, one of the students was beaten so badly he died.

The gang members then killed the other two, and dumped their bodies in sulfuric acid to hide the evidence.

But officials are investigating the possibility that Gutierrez's videos could hold further clues into the gruesome murders.

Many of his videos feature images of poor neighbourhoods, drugs and weapons, or show him and his pals gallivanting around in luxury vehicles and motorcycles.

One chilling shot reportedly shows a bloodied man lying on the floor with his hands tied.

Gutierrez and a second suspect will be charged with aggravated kidnapping, but cops are still hunting five other suspects.

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