Doja Cat Talks Candidly About Recent Cosmetic Procedures, Including Liposuction

Doja Cat recently let fans know she’s recovering from surgery. The singer shared on March 20 that she was four days post-op after a breast reduction and liposuction. Doja answered a few questions on Twitter, sharing her exact procedures and how she was feeling. “Feels ok. i got lipo so my thighs hurt a lot if i move too much,” she wrote in response to a follower question, “but im healing really fast.”

Doja also clarified what liposuction was after someone incorrectly commented that it involved transferring fat from one area to another. “That is called a fat transfer. I did not get a fat transfer,” she said. Doja went on to confirm that the surgery on her breasts was a reduction, correcting a fan who thought she might have gone bigger. “Nope. Smaller,” she tweeted, writing that she is now a 32C.

Plastic surgeon Smita Ramanadham, MD, FACS, previously explained to POPSUGAR that liposuction “contours the body and reduces stubborn areas of fat surgically” through the use of small tubes called cannulas. “The procedure is performed using cannulas that are introduced through small incisions in the skin, and the fat is mechanically disrupted and suctioned back through these cannulas, removing them from the area treated,” Dr. Ramanadham said. Pain and bruising can persist for up to two weeks, depending on how much was done.

When it comes to breast reductions, Jennifer Walden, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon and the president of The Aesthetic Society, noted that there are some very real physical benefits. The procedure can “help resolve back, neck, [and] shoulder problems a patient may be experiencing such as pain, discomfort, shoulder grooving, and muscle spasm of the neck and trapezius muscles.”

Dr. Ramanadham also pointed out that cosmetically speaking, “reasons that a patient may choose to undergo breast-reduction surgery are they feel their breasts are too large and don’t fit their frame, they are self-conscious about them, or they want to feel more confident in their clothing.” No matter the reasoning, initial recovery time is usually around six weeks, at which point a follow-up appointment is advised. In terms of her personal recovery time, Doja said she expected about “three months total,” which means she has a bit more to go before she’s fully healed.

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