Feet and hands excessive sweating

According to worldwide statistics many people suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Normal sweating, as a physiological process, helps to get out toxins and excess fluid from the body. Thermoregulation is impossible without this. Hot weather or increased physical activity increase sweating, but sometimes it happens for some unknown reason. People, especially public ones, experience quite a lot of discomfort with sweaty hands, feet or face. You want to shake hand but you cannot do it because you have sweaty and wet hand. Don’t worry, there is a way out how to stop hyperhidrosis.

Deodorants, antiperspirants and other cosmetics do not help in this case. But there is a way how to treatment excessive hands or feet sweating – iontophoresis. You can buy the best and cheapest hands iontophoresis sweating machine for hyperhidrosis treatment. Reducing of excessive sweating begins after several sessions. Iontophoresis machine is good for treatment sweating of hands and feet.


If you take up prevention in time then the problems with hyperhidrosis will be not so strong. You must follow several rules:

– changing tights and socks daily

– washing your feet and hands with soap

– take a shower every day.

You need to start washing your feet using warm water, but then gradually reduce the temperature, bringing it to cold. Several simple steps which can help in treatment and reducing excessive sweating of hands, feet:

1. Wash your feet or hands.

1. Carefully wipe the soles and interdigital folds with a soft towel

2. Apply talcum powder to feet and hands. It can gives temporary results in hyperhidrosis treatment (iontophoresis machine has better effect).

3. Do those steps every day.

People with excessive sweating of their feet (hands) need wear only cotton socks (gloves in winter). Don’t drink too much hot coffee or tea. After physical activity strongly recommended change your wet clothes and shoes. It is necessary to use herbs with tanning effects for reducing of sweaty hands. In mild cases, you can use special deodorants containing antibacterial components before going to bed. Such procedures will not treatment hyperhidrosis. They can only reduce smell and gives dry armpits. But as we mentioned the best way for hyperhidrosis treatment is iontophoresis machines and sessions (procedure). You can buy machine and make them at home. The cheapest machine is “No-sweating”. Be happy and have dry hands and feet!