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Co-founded by Jessica Hunt and Jenna Meek, Refy Beauty is one of my favourite beauty discoveries.

How often do you like everything on a menu? Or everything your favourite artist creates? It’s a precious rarity. For me, it happened last year when I discovered the beauty brand Refy. 

The brainchild of influencer Jessica Hunt (1.6 million followers) and co-founder Jenna Meek, Refy is the packaged-up version of Hunt’s aesthetic: intensely fluffy statement brows, seamlessly diffused bronzer, and minimal eye make-up. 

Now, the beauty industry is not light on celebrity and influencer brands. Think Ariana Grande’s Rem Beauty, Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty, and Harry Styles’ Pleasing. There’s also Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty, Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern, and Huda Kattan’s Huda Beauty. Like I said – not light.

However, a well-known founder does not necessarily determine the success or longevity of a brand. That comes down to how good the products are. We return again to Refy.

For the last two months, four of the seven steps of my make-up routine have been Refy products. With an emphasis on creamy, blendable, soft formulas, everything is easy to work with and make your own. Plus, the Brow Sculpt gel has a following all of its own but more on that very soon. For now, let’s dive into the micro-details of each Refy product, starting with the latest drop – the Refy Lip Collection. 

  • Refy Lip Collection

    The Refy Lip Collection features a dual-ended creamy lip liner and setting solution which prevents the liner from smudging or transferring, even under intense pressure and a vinyl-like, high-shine lip gloss to layer over the top. Available in six shades (three with brown undertones and three with pink undertones), the Lip Collection can be bought as a collection or as separate items. Need.

    Shop Refy Lip Collection, £28

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  • Refy Brow Sculpt

    There are few products immediately promoted to cult status on the group chat but Refy’s Brow Sculpt is undoubtedly one of them. 

    “Hello, brows!!!” read one message from a converted friend. “Wore it all yesterday and they didn’t budge,” said another. 

    Designed to sit in between a wax and a gel, Brow Sculpt remains soft during application, drying down without the tell-tale stiffness of other setting gels. 

    Whether you choose intense fluffy brows, à la founder Jess Hunt, or prefer to comb them into their best natural shape, Brow Sculpt will keep them there. Trust.

    Shop Refy Brow Sculpt, £16

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  • Refy Brow Pomade

    A brow pomade doesn’t have to equate to solid, HD brows – unless, of course, that’s the effect you’d like. Instead, pomades can be used to subtly add colour, dimension, and shape to the brows. 

    To create your bespoke brow, use the angled brush that comes with the product – practising small, fine lines on the back of your hand to get your eye in first. If you’re in between hair colours, create a custom brow colour by intersecting lines of a few different shades and sizes.

    Shop Refy Brow Pomade, £14

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  • Refy Brow Pencil

    Versatility is everything to me when it comes to filling in brows: I like to be able to amp it up and tone it down, depending on the occasion. The small nib of this pencil allows you to strategically place fine hairs, building up to a fuller brow as you wish. Buff out with the dual-ended firm spoolie and you’re good to go.

    Shop Refy Brow Pencil, £14

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  • Refy Face Primer

    A face primer is a key staple in many beauty routines, whether used as a base before makeup application or on its own for a fresh glow, there are many contenders to choose from. The Refy niacinamide-infused face primer has fast become a favourite of ours thanks to its hydrating formula that leaves skin with a healthy-looking glow.

    Plus, the unique roller application helps to sculpt the face and add definition. Did we already mention how cool the facial roller is?

    Shop Refy Face Primer, £24

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  • Refy Cream Bronzer

    If you only buy one new thing this year, let it be the Refy Cream Bronzer. Smooth, creamy, buildable, bendable – there are few complimentary words that don’t apply. Tested on all skin types and tones, it adds glow and dimension to the face without any glitter or shimmer. It’s the best bronzer I’ve ever used – and no, I’m not speaking hyperbolically. Plus, it keeps skin hydrated and plump while you wear it. The Refy Cream Bronzer is giving genuine holiday skin and I am so here for it!

    Shop Refy Cream Bronzer, £18

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  • Refy Cream Blush

    Don’t be deceived by the size, a little Refy cream blush goes a long way. Highly pigmented, the cream formula comes in three shades – Rose (a lighter dusty pink), Citrine (a healthy, darker pink flush) and Malaya (a burnt terracotta). 

    Use the smaller end of the Duo Brush to pick up and place the blush on the face, then buff out using the fluffier, longer-haired end.

    Shop Refy Cream Blush, £14

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  • Refy Gloss Highlighter

    In my opinion, highlighter should look like golden-hour skin: aglow without too much artificial shimmer. Think ‘glazed donut’ instead of ‘glitter explosion’. Refy understood the assignment. 

    Enriched with natural oils and minerals, the formula is silky on the skin, blends easily, and feels hydrating (without being too oily), all at the same time. 

    Shop Refy Gloss Highlighter, £18

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  • Refy Skin Finish

    Adding to Refy’s already unique product offering, the skin finish is a water-based powder that helps to reduce pores, fix makeup and remove any unwanted shine from the face. The skin finish is available in two universal shades – 01 which is suited more to people with yellow to warm undertones and 02, which is suited more to people with pink or cool undertones. Once applied, the powder unveils a soft focus and blurring effect on the skin.

    Shop Refy Skin Finish, £22

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  • Refy Body Glow

    Glow to your heart’s content with Refy’s Body Glow, this moisturising body glow leaves the skin with a healthy glass-like glow that’s neither sticky nor transfers onto clothes. Whether you want to enhance your collarbone, shoulders, shins or all over, it’s easy to apply and beautiful on the skin.

    Shop Refy Body Glow, £28

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  • Refy Duo Brush

    A buffing and stippling brush rolled into one handy duo, this brush applies cream bronzer and blusher, as well as the Gloss Highlighter beautifully. 

    I like to pick up product using the shorter end – Refy products are highly pigmented and this stops you from over-applying and wasting product. Then, I use the longer stippling end of the brush to buff and blend. It’s functional, comfortable to hold, and performs like a tool triple its price. 

    Shop Refy Duo Brush, £16

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Main image: courtesy of the brand.

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