McDonald’s bangs are taking over TikTok

It looks like blonde curtain bangs have had the ultimate capitalist rebrand.

TikTok users rocking the hairstyle are calling their golden, bouncy bangs ‘McDonald’s bangs’ because of their resemblance to the brand’s infamous ‘golden arches’.

The style, which, let’s be honest, is by no means new, is inspired by ‘dos of the 1970s.

The recipe is simple: blonde locks, face-framing layers and lots and lots of volume. 

But, let’s be real, you don’t need to be blonde to rock ‘McDonald’s bangs’, the brunette gals look just as good with a voluminous, face-framing fringe.

Guys also look hot with McDs bangs, too.

Actually works pretty well tbh #idk #hair #howto #tryout #hack

My favorite part of getting ready ✨

How to get McDonald’s bangs with no heat

TikToker Olivia Dayton shared the ultimate no-frills McDonald’s bangs tutorial on her profile.

She suggests starting with wet hair and simply pushing your hair all the way back and then forward, so that they fall where you want them too.

If that doesn’t work, she suggests clipping your bangs into position, to allow the top bits to defy gravity for a bit.

Leave them to air dry and take out the clips.

Voila! You have McDonald’s bangs.

How do you feel?

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