Meghan Markles best friend gives rare insight into new Californian lifestyle

Since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to California, Prince Harry has thrown himself into the professional polo scene, regularly being spotted playing matches, but Meghan has been quieter about how she spends her time.

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She’s been spotted watching Prince Harry play polo several times now though, and has struck up a close friendship with Delfina Blaquier, who is married to Nacho Figueras, one of Prince Harry’s polo teammates.

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This weekend, Delfina posted a photo of herself and Meghan at the polo, revealing how the Duchess spends her time in California.

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In the long dedication to Meghan, Delfina referred to the activities she and Meghan get up to, writing: “Can’t wait to see you again soon, to share thrill, hikes, and just more chill time.”

She also wrote: “Getting to spend time together over these two months was so special. I wish everyone knew you the way you are.”

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Given that Meghan has always been vocal about her love of yoga, we suspect that the ‘chill time’ Delfina wrote about includes regular yoga sessions, but hiking isn’t something Prince Harry’s wife has expressed a love for in the past, so perhaps it’s a new  hobby?

The Duchess regularly shows off her super-toned legs, and walking is a great way to keep them lean.

Meghan Markle enjoys an active lifestyle

“One of the most important (yet underrated) exercises to get toned legs is walking,” says fitness professional David Wiener, who works with fitness app Freeletics. “Walking has so many different mental and physical health benefits and is incredibly important if you want toned legs.

“I always recommend that if you can walk somewhere, then walk!” David continues. “Swapping that 10-minute car journey for a 20-minute walk can truly be the difference in not only leading a healthier lifestyle, but helping get amazing toned legs.”

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