Newsflash: Tracee Ellis Ross’s bestselling haircare brand is finally available in the UK

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Following its success in the US, Tracee Ellis Ross’s Pattern Beauty is now available to buy at Boots in the UK. Here, we run through the products in the collection to know about. 

Ever since Blackish actress Tracee Ellis Ross launched her haircare brand Pattern Beauty back in 2019, people haven’t stopped raving about it. Lauded for its buttery formulas that bring out the best in curly, coily and kinky hair, it also happens to come in packaging equally as impressive. Our only gripe? It’s only been available in the US – until now.

Today, Pattern Beauty is exclusively available in Boots in-store and online. The 11-product collection has every part of your textured hair care routine covered – as well as three key hair styling tools to go with it. 

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Stuck for choice on where to start? Stylist’s beauty and fashion features director Billie Bhatia has some thoughts. “The first thing that hit me when I opened my box of Pattern Beauty haircare, was the size of the products. Finally, a conditioner size I can get on board with,” she says.

“Out of the collection, it was the leave-in conditioner that won my heart, thick in texture – an almost rich night cream kind of consistency – there was a considerable difference in the nourishment of my hair even after one wash. The curl gel has also proven to be worth its weight in gold, as a frequent wash-and-go kinda girl, the definition (and frizz control) this gel gives, while being seemingly weightless in my hair, is ideal.”

Scroll down to peruse the Pattern Beauty collection, available now at Boots. Say hello to your new haircare heroes…

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  • Pattern Beauty Lightweight Conditioner

    Pattern Beauty Lightweight Conditioner

    For those with fine hair, this lightweight conditioner is made from a nourishing blend of coconut oil, Irish moss and strengthening biotin. 

    Shop Pattern Beauty Lightweight Conditioner at Boots, £25

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Medium Conditioner

    Pattern Beauty Medium Conditioner

    If you have curly and coily hair and you’re looking for curl definition with a little slippage, this conditioner leaves curls defined without weighing them down. 

    Shop Pattern Beauty Medium Conditioner at Boots, £25

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Heavy Conditioner

    Pattern Beauty Heavy Conditioner

    Perfect for those with coily and tightly-textured hair, this heavy conditioner contains a hydrating blend of shea butter, avocado oil and safflower oil.

    Shop Pattern Beauty Heavy Conditioner at Boots, £25

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Intensive Conditioner

    Pattern Beauty Intensive Conditioner

    When your porous, denser textured hair needs its curl pattern restored or moisture replenished, this intensive conditioner this shea butter-based conditioner is reinforced with vitamin E to condition the scalp, hair and prevent breakage.

    Shop Pattern Beauty Intensive Conditioner at Boots, £25

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Leave-In Conditioner

    Pattern Beauty Leave-In Conditioner

    Looking for curl definition that lasts all day? The leave-in conditioner is packed with nourishing oils that retain curl shape.

    Shop Pattern Beauty Leave-In Conditioner at Boots, £25

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Cleansing Shampoo

    Pattern Beauty Cleansing Shampoo

    Suitable for all hair types, this matcha green tea and aloe vera packed shampoo gives a deep cleanse to remove build up, without stripping away essential nutrients.

    Shop Pattern Beauty Cleansing Shampoo at Boots, £20

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Jojoba Oil Hair Blend

    Pattern Beauty Jojoba Oil Hair Blend

    For whenever your hair is in need of oiling, look to this nourishing, lightweight jojoba oil hair serum, combined with other oils including safflower oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, olive oil and lavender oil. 

    Shop Pattern Beauty Jojoba Oil Hair Blend at Boots, £25

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Curl Gel

    Pattern Beauty Curl Gel

    Great for wash-and-go scenarios, this curl gel has a medium-hold so that your curls can retain their bounce, without the crunch.

    Shop Pattern Beauty Curl Gel at Boots, £25

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Hydrating Mist

    Pattern Beauty Hydrating Mist

    Is your hair feeling thirsty? This hydrating mist has you covered. Made with soothing aloe vera, moisturising coconut oil and avocado oil, it’s going to be hard not to spritz this all the time…

    Shop Pattern Beauty Hydrating Mist at Boots, £25

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Strong Hold Gel

    Pattern Beauty Strong Hold Gel

    On those days you’re wanting to achieve a slicked back look with really thick curls and coils, this strong hold gel is your best friend. Apply to wet or dry hair and style as usual. 

    Shop Pattern Beauty Strong Hold Gel at Boots, £25

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Styling Cream

    Pattern Beauty Styling Cream

    Living up to the buttery texture Pattern is known for, this styling cream is exactly what you need when your curls want definition. 

    Shop Pattern Beauty Styling Cream at Boots, £25

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Edge Tool

    Pattern Beauty Edge Tool

    Because it’s all about the little touches, when you’re looking to finalise your look with swirls and swoops, you’ll want this edge tool on hand. 

    Shop Pattern Beauty Edge Tool at Boots, £12

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Shower Brush

    Pattern Beauty Shower Brush

    With its comfy handle, this is an in-shower hair brush that helps to gently detangle hair.

    Shop Pattern Beauty Shower Brush at Boots, £17

    Buy now

  • Pattern Beauty Hair Pick

    Pattern Beauty Hair Pick

    Add height to your curls with the elongated prongs on this stylish hair pick tool. 

    Shop Pattern Beauty Hair Pick at Boots, £9

    Buy now

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