These chic deodorants are here to give your mornings a little boost of luxury

Small yet mighty, the power of a fancy deodorant knows no bounds. Here are a few of our favourites to spark joy each morning. 

Whether you prefer a roll-on, a cream, an aerosol or something else entirely, there’s no doubt that your choice of deodorant is something very personal. Chances are it’s a product that’s so ingrained in your daily routine that you apply it – and even buy it – on complete autopilot. You’ve likely used the same one for years, knowing that it just works and, importantly, that you can trust it, even on the sweatiest of days.

Of course, we know that nobody needs to spend more than a couple of quid on a decent product, but if you’re in the market for something a little bit more exciting – something to switch up the mundane when everything else in the world seems to be crumbling down – let us introduce you to the world of chic deodorant.

“Thanks to cool, contemporary packaging and elevated scent profiles, deodorants are no longer burdened with ‘stink stigma’, and are now products that go viral on TikTok, the contemporary benchmark for what’s hot and not,” says Lisa Payne, head of beauty at Stylus. “We’ve seen consumer demand for ‘deos 2.0’ growing over the past couple of years, with brand loyalists wanting to round out their beauty product collection with an equally cool and high-performing deodorant.”

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We’re dubbing them a small luxury: something that you’ll not only get the use out of, but that will also bring a little bit of joy into your life each time you rummage around your gym bag to apply it. Something that promises to perk up an otherwise dark and dreary weekday morning. Sure, it’s not something that’ll change your life, but think of it as a nice way to treat yourself, or somebody else, without having to spend a small fortune.

And as Payne adds: “Where budgets are tightening, it makes total sense for consumers to forgo high-ticket items such as perfumes in favour of something that gives them a similar fragrant hit for a fraction of the price.”

Here, we’ve rounded up our tried-and-tested favourites – so go ahead and find the one for you. You won’t regret it. 

  • Glossier Deodorant

    Best deodorant: Glossier Deodorant

    Available in three scented varieties (Glossier You, Sandstone and Orange Blossom Neroli) and an unscented version, this deodorant is formulated with elderberry extract and coconut oil to reduce odour; potato starch to absorb moisture; and magnesium hydroxide, a clever, pH-adjusting addition that helps to reduce sweat stains. Developed with sensitive skin in mind, you can buy refill sticks for £15 each. 

    Shop Glossier Deodorant at Glossier, £18

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  • Necessaire The Deodorant Gel

    Best deodorant: Necessaire The Deodorant Gel

    A true game-changer: Necessaire’s deodorant (available in eucalyptus and unscented variants) contains 5% AHA and niacinamide to not only keep odour at bay, but over time it helps reduce discolouration, improves texture and minimises keratosis pilaris for smoother skin overall.

    Shop Necessaire The Deodorant Gel at SpaceNK, £18

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  • Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

    Best deodorant: Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant

    One of the brand’s bestsellers, it uses odour-neutralising citronellyl alongside natural eucalyptus extract without compromising even sensitive skin.

    Shop Malin + Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant at Sephora UK, £19

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  • Aesop Deodorant Roll-On

    Best deodorant: Aesop Deodorant Roll-On

    Also available in a spray-on option, Aesop’s deodorant is alcohol-free and uses a blend of essential oils, wasabi extract and zinc ricinoleate, an ingredient known to help absorb smells.

    Shop Aesop Deodorant Roll-On at LookFantastic, £23

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  • Le Labo Deodorant

    Best deodorant: Le Labo Deodorant

    From the creators of Santal 33 comes a deodorant that’s just as lust-worthy. Made with plant-derived glycerin to hydrate and soothe skin, it’s scented with bergamot, tonka bean and lavender.

    Shop Le Labo Deodorant at Cult Beauty, £24

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  • Caudalie Vinofresh Natural Stick Deodorant

    Best deodorant: Caudalie Vinofresh Natural Stick Deodorant

    A natural formula developed with organic grape water and organic eucalyptus, it neutralises odour and reduces the bacteria associated with it. Plus, added glycerin helps it to glide on easily and ensures skin stays moisturised.

    Shop Caudalie Vinofresh Natural Stick Deodorant at LookFantastic, £13

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  • Rituals The Ritual of Jing Antiperspirant Stick

    Best deodorant: Rituals The Ritual of Jing Anti-Perspirant Stick

    Enriched with the brand’s calming sacred lotus scent, Rituals’ antiperspirant stick is as soothing as it is protecting, promising 24-hour protection.

    Shop Rituals The Ritual of Jing Anti-Perspirant Stick at Rituals, £12

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  • Fresh Sugar Roll-On Deodorant Antiperspirant

    Best deodorant: Fresh Sugar Roll-On Deodorant Anti-Perspirant

    Using the brand’s much-loved Sugar scent, this antiperspirant is alcohol-free and gentle on skin. As well as smelling like it, it’s also formulated with sugar, which helps to target odour-causing bacteria, along with witch hazel water, oat kernel extract and aloe leaf extract.

    Shop Fresh Sugar Roll-On Deodorant Antiperspirant at LookFantastic, £19

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  • Clarins Eau Ressourçante Deodorant

    Best deodorant: Clarins Eau Ressourçante Deodorant

    One of Clarins’ lesser-known products, this deodorant uses a plant-infused complex to prevent and neutralise body odour without interfering with the natural perspiration process.

    Shop Clarins Eau Ressourçante Deodorant at Clarins, £20.50

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Images: Caudalie/courtesy of brands

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