This Cooling Mud Mask Treatment Soothes My Scalp in Just 10 Minutes

Fable and Mane is one of my all-time favorite hair care brands on the market. The brand takes an Ayurvedic approach to hair care, and it’s done wonders for my hair. Its Holiroots line has been a staple in my routine since it launched, plus its newest addition, the Hibiscus Hydrating Hair Oil Mist gives my hair a glossy shine with its signature luxe scent. The Holiroots Pre-Wash Hair Oil is one of my go-to’s for oil treating my hair, but when my scalp feels irritated and flaky, I turn to the SahaScalp Amla Soothing Serum. When I found out Fable and Mane came out with a new scalp treatment, I was eager to try it out. The SahaScalp Cooling Scalp Mud Mask ($34) is a 10-minute in-shower treatment that balances and gently clarifies the scalp. Plus, it has an invigorating cooling sensation that relieves irritation.

What I Like About the Mud Mask

The SahaScalp Cooling Scalp Mud Mask is a scalp-balancing bentonite clay-based treatment that’s both clarifying yet hydrating and nourishing, which is something I needed. It contains neem, an Ayurvedic ingredient with anti-bacterial properties known for helping hair growth and balancing the scalp. It has sea silt, which the brand states is rich in oxygen and minerals that help to revive and purify the scalp, and it has apricot kernel oil, which helps moisturize the area as well.

Although it’s a mud mask, it’s not a messy application process. It has a smooth, creamy texture that melts into your hair and roots. I split my scalp into four sections and used a dime-sized amount for each area. I concentrated the product on my scalp and roots and gave myself a nice little head massage. It was easy to wash out too. My scalp felt clean but not overly stripped; it felt like a cleansing conditioner.

Like most of Fable and Mane’s lineup of products, the Mud Mask is truly a sensorial experience. The cooling part of the mask comes from menthol, which is the part I truly enjoyed. The sensation increases blood flow to the scalp as well as provides relief for any itchiness and irritation. It felt so relaxing and refreshing, honestly, I kept the mask on for a little more than 10 minutes to let myself unwind. It has a tropical sweet scent with notes of coconut, tiger orchid, and warm vanilla rice milk. It smells identical to the HoliRoots Hydrating Shampoo.

Before using this mud mask treatment, my scalp and roots were out of balance, and it was more noticeable on the second or third-day post-wash. My roots became oilier quicker, and my scalp felt drier and itchier, making the flakiness more visible. My hair could barely last 48 hours without feeling irritated. However, after using the Cooling Scalp Mud Mask, I noticed a huge difference in how my roots and scalp reacted 24 hours after the initial wash. For starters, I was able to prolong my wash day an extra day since it still looked pretty presentable on the third day. My scalp felt nourished and moisturized, with no dry patches or flakiness in sight. Plus, my roots had a lifted, voluminous appearance and did not look weighed down. My scalp and roots felt nourished with no excessive oiliness or itchiness, even on the fourth day. It’s like I pressed the reset button.

What’s Worth Noting About the Mud Mask

The cooling, tingly feeling from menthol in the SahaScalp Cooling Scalp Mud Mask is my favorite part of the experience. However, if you’re not a fan of that type of sensation, this mask might not be the best fit for you since it’s pretty invigorating.

Unlike the brand’s SahaScalp Amla Soothing Serum, which is a pre-shampoo treatment, this mud mask should be used right after you shampoo but before you condition. Think of it as a gentle co-wash treatment or a second cleanse for your scalp. This 10-minute mud mask clarifies and helps to balance the scalp, but it’s not a deep exfoliating treatment that can remove product build-up. It’s best to use the SahaScalp Wild Ginger Purifying Scrub for a deeper exfoliation and pair it with the new mud mask for a balancing treatment.

Who is the Mud Mask Best For

The SahaScalp Cooling Scalp Mud Mask is a gentle purifying treatment that can work on all scalp types. It’s an effective and quick treatment for those who need to balance their scalps, remove excess oil, and reduce itchiness and irritation. If your scalp leans on the oily side, this is a must for your weekly hair care routine. However, it’s also great for those with drier, flakey scalps since it restores moisture and hydration while diminishing flakiness. No matter what side of the scalp spectrum you fall under, this 10-minute treatment brings your scalp and roots back to equilibrium. Plus, the cooling feeling is oh so relaxing.

Where is this Mud Mask Available?

The Fable and Mane SahaScalp Cooling Scalp Mud Mask is available at Sephora.


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