Why Princess Charlotte’s new school fees are 6k more than Prince Louis’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are moving their family to Adelaide Cottage on the Queen’s Windsor estate and their three children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will enrol in a new school come September. Here’s why Princess Charlotte’s tuition fees will be more than brother Louis’, but less than brother George’s…

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The price of each child’s fee has everything to do with age. The children’s new school, Lambrook, is a private school, and their fees increase throughout the school years, meaning it costs less in the early years and more in the senior years.

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Prince Louis will be starting reception in September the fee is £4,389 per term which totals £13,167 across all three terms. This will remain the same until he hits year three when the costs rise.

Years three and four are categorised as ‘lower school’ and come in at £6,448 per term, meaning Princess Charlotte’s education will set her parents back £19,344 per year.


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Years five – eight are £6,999 per term meaning Prince George will be the most expensive child in school for the Cambridges, totalling £20,997.

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Their mother Duchess Kate will be able to reassure the children on the first day at their new school because she once switched schools too.

The children’s school fees will vary 

The Duchess reportedly was pulled out of Downe House and moved to the mixed boarding school of Marlborough College as a result of bullying, it has been reported. Kate then adjusted to life at Marlborough, making friends and playing hockey regularly.

We’re sure the Cambridges are looking forward to settling into their new four-bedroom home in the scenic countryside which will be much closer to the Queen as well as the Duchess’ parents Carole and Michael, and also her brother James, who all live in Berkshire which is a mere 40-minute drive from Windsor.

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