AAmanda Owen distraught after ‘faithful colleague’ dies in her sleep

Amanda Owen addresses 'weird situation' after breakup

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Amanda Owen, 48, has had a tough time lately, after it was announced just last week that Our Yorkshire Farm was to be cancelled by Channel 5. Yet the newly single shepherdess felt fresh grief today, sharing with her 530,000 followers that a very special beloved companion had died.

Grief-stricken Amanda described her feelings as “the other kind of mourning”, experiencing deep distress on another level after discovering sheepdog Kate had died peacefully in her sleep.

“You go to get your faithful workmate, companion, colleague & friend from her kennel, only to find that she has passed away in her sleep,” she wrote mournfully, adding: “Kate…. that’ll do.”

She shared a montage of memorable photos of herself and Kate, prompting some of her huge fanbase to rush to the comments section in sympathy.

Ben Fogle shared a virtual tear via an emoji, telling a distraught Amanda: “I’m so sorry.”

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Those who had been following along with the show were all too aware of the fondness Amanda had for Kate, with some fans admitting they’d shed tears when she gave birth to a stillborn puppy last year.

Amanda is incredibly close to the animals she keeps on the farm, and in the past has even shared photos of a miniature pony cantering around in the house.

@crochetbyjan was one of those who realised the shepherdess saw Kate as part of the family, writing: “Heartbroken to read this post dear Amanda.

“Kate has been your faithful, supportive friend on your journey as a shepherdess. She had the most wonderful life with you all. Sending gentle hugs.”

Other followers admired the stunningly photogenic qualities of the dog, as well as the invisible yet ever-present bond between the pair.

@nicki_foster_fur_wool_feathers chimed in comfortingly: “She loved you to the end – what a wonderful companion she was to you.”

@rach_mccarthy added: “I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved ‘Kate’… what a beautiful girl she was … RIP KATE ‘that’ll do’ fly sweet girl.”

The loss of Kate hasn’t been the only shake-up to the family’s lifestyle, and eldest daughter Raven, now 21, reported this week that she’s been suffering psoriasis flare-ups amid all the upheaval.

Amanda recently split with husband Clive, the father of her nine children, having previously admitted the pair had never been “romantic” types.

It was then announced on Monday that Clive and son Reuben would be fronting a spin-off show, and that fans would have to wait a little longer to find out what Amanda might be featured in next.

The new series, titled Beyond The Yorkshire Farm: Reuben and Clive, will tell the story of father and son embarking on a major new adventure as they build their own digging business.

Amanda and Clive – once dubbed the “Kardashians of the countryside” by viewers keen to catch a glimpse of their out of the ordinary lifestyle, might no longer be together, but they continue to make co-parenting their children a priority.

Meanwhile, Channel 5 hinted that there’s a prospect of catching up with Amanda onscreen soon too.

Daniel Pearl, a commissioning editor on the channel stated: “The Owens have become everyone’s favourite farming family and millions have enjoyed watching their unique way of life.

“We remain absolutely committed to the whole wonderful Owen family and hope to announce new projects with Amanda very soon.”

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