Beyonce Slams Right Said Fred, Got Permission To Sample 'I'm Too Sexy'

Beyonce is calling out music duo Right Said Fred for accusing her of sampling their biggest hit without permission … she says it’s BS and the group was paid handsomely for the song.

Here’s the deal … Right Said Fred ripped Beyonce as “arrogant” for allegedly sampling their hit “I’m Too Sexy” on her new song “Alien Superstar” without asking or paying them in an interview with The Sun.

Now Beyonce’s camp is firing back, telling TMZ the accusations from Right Said Fred are erroneous and totally false.

Beyonce’s team says not only did she get permission to use the song, Right Said Fred spoke publicly of their gratitude for being on her “Renaissance” album and they were paid a “substantial portion.”

Queen B says she has the receipts … Beyonce says she asked Right Said Fred’s publisher for permission to sample the song composition on May 11, with the publisher approving the use on June 15, prompting an August payment to RSF.

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Right Said Fred also claimed they didn’t have a co-writer credit on Beyonce’s track … but her team says that’s just not true either. Instead, Beyonce says RSF writers own more than any other writer on “Alien Superstar” and have a co-writer credit.

Beyonce must be pissed over the accusations … she typically remains silent in these cases, so this is a rare rebuttal.

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