Blac Chyna Claims Tyga Kicked Her Out of His House After Breaking Up

The ‘Rob and Chyna’ alum shockingly reveals on ‘The Jason Lee Show’ that she was kicked out of his house after her rapper ex broke up with her and left her for 16-year-old Kylie Jenner.

AceShowbizBlac Chyna stopped by “The Jason Lee Show” to talk about things, including her past relationship with rapper Tyga. Surprising host Jason Lee, Chyna revealed that she was kicked out of his house after he broke up with her and left her for Kylie Jenner.

Chyna made the revelation while discussing her split from Tyga, with whom she shares son King together. Sharing that she knew nobody at the time, Chyna noted, “When I got put out and whatnot,” before Lee quickly cut her off in shock, “Put out of what?” Chyna calmly replied, “Oh, of his house.”

“You did not get put out of the house,” Lee said in disbelief, adding, “And I’m not acting surprised ’cause I literally didn’t know that. Put out that house and say you need to leave?” Chyna then recalled, “Like, packed my stuff, put it in my truck-his truck at the time.”

She was also asked about what happened to their son King after Tyga broke up with and left her for Kylie, who was only 16 at the time. The video vixen claimed that King has to go “back and forth, to this day.”

When asked what she was thinking after she was kicked out of the house, Chyna revealed, “What was the next moves?” She also shared that Rob Kardashian only came in four years later and dating him wasn’t her intended “chess move.”

Fans in the comments section were all supporting Chyna and blasting Tyga’s relationship with the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” alum. “The fact that Tyga and Kylie’s relationship were so widely accepted and Chyna was made out to be bitter about it is still wild af to me,” one person commented. Another person said, “He was dead ass wrong ! Now it’s all coming back too haute him ! He struggling too keep up ! He on onlyfans and Twitter with Us content creators creating content/p0rn.”

Someone wrote, :I absolutely believe her. Chyna honestly keeps her drama with Tyga and Rob under wraps.” Others also put Kris Jenner on blast as one opined, “See how kris let Kylie date Tyga at 16…. And y’all think [Kanye West] Overreacting.” Another comment read, “This is the content I want! Keep talking about Tyga’s weird behind dating a 16-year-old and Kris allowing it!”

One fan, meanwhile, thought that Chyna’s life story should be documented in a biopic. “She needs a movie ! Sounds like survival I salute her,” the person said. Praising Chyna, another added, “She seems like she’s doing ALOT better than what we were seeing over the last couple years!!!!!!!”

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