Brian May slams Brexit great lie as he celebrates shamefully inept Boris resignation

Brian May plays national anthem on Buckingham Palace roof

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Brian May has taken to Instagram to brand Brexit a “great lie” as he celebrated Boris Johnson’s resignation as Prime Minister today, having branded him “shamefully inept”. The Queen musician, 74, hit out at Boris’ resignation speech before revealing his hopes of having someone with “decency, dignity and wisdom” lead the country next.

We rejoice in the resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of Britain

Brian May

The Queen guitarist reflected on Johnson’s “shamefully inept period of office” in view of his three million followers after the news of his resignation today.

Alongside a picture of the PM, Brian wrote: “We rejoice in the resignation of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister of Britain.

“It’s a suitably ignominious end to a shamefully inept period of office.

“It’s fitting that it’s his lies that brought his reign to an end – since it was lies that brought him into power,” he added.

Brian went on: “The great lie that Brexit would magically empower Britain, along with his failure to show leadership in his response to the Covid pandemic, have left the people of the UK despondent and economically crippled.

“His speech on departure was so typical of the inveterate liar who actually believes his own distorted version of the truth,” the rocker claimed.

The star continued: “Instead of the humble apology he should have delivered to the Nation for the inexcusable behaviour which led even his own party to disown him, his arrogance led him into an attempt to rewrite history, painting himself as a glorious high achiever.

“All a kind of Trumpian fantasy.”

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Brian went on to ponder the question of who will replace Johnson once he’s left office in October.

He went on: “And so now the only question is can the Tory party come up with a new leader who actually has decency, dignity and wisdom?

“Amidst the happiness generated by Boris’s removal, I sense a small shudder in the nation. Bri,” the star signed off.

Following his remarks, Brian’s fans took to the comments to have their say on Johnson’s resignation.

Instagram user strawberries.and.lavender wrote: “Bri for prime minister,” which was liked over 200 times.

Isabellaricci9797 added: “Well said Bri.”

While Rocketqueen2020 commented: “Hugh Grant for Prime Minister.”

“Let’s hope for someone better to take his position! Finally his reign is over!” Brianmaypoems penned.

It comes as the music legend branded Brexit a “catastrophe” after bidding the UK farewell ahead of his European tour.

In a lengthy post, Brian savaged Brexit as he reflected on the UK’s move outside of Europe.

He wrote: “I wonder how all our friends all around the Continent will view us – the first time they will have seen us since the catastrophe of Brexit – surely the stupidest backward step my country has taken in my lifetime.”

He branded the Rwanda policy “despicable” and slammed the Prime Minister for “repeatedly lying to Parliament”.

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