Britney Spears begs fans to 'respect my privacy' after police visit

Britney Spears begs her followers to ‘respect my privacy’ after obsessive fans ‘went too far’ and called the POLICE for a welfare check after she deleted Instagram

  • Spears, 41, said her privacy was invaded after fans called Police to check on her
  • She said they never entered her home but she felt bullied by the fan response 
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Britney Spears sounded as if she had had enough of overzealous fans in a statement she posted Thursday in response to a recent fan-triggered visit by the police.

The 41-year-old pop icon — who recently shut down her Instagram page once again — wrote on Twitter about her struggles maintaining her privacy and complained that she felt like she was being ‘gaslit’ and ‘bullied.’

Although she stressed that police never ‘entered’ her house and stayed at her gate, she said the situation went ‘a little too far.’

Fans of the singer have lately expressed even more concern than usual after she was seen apparently having a ‘manic’ meltdown at a restaurant earlier this month with her husband Sam Asghari, 28.

Entirely too much: Britney Spears, 41, begged her followers to ‘respect my privacy’ after overzealous fans called the police for a wellness check after she deleted her Instagram account; seen in 2019

Scary overreaction: Although she stressed that police never ‘entered’ her house and stayed at her gate, she said the situation went ‘a little too far,’ she said in a statement posted to Twitter

In contrast with her usual bubbly Instagram posts, Spears’ Twitter statement was unusually sober and reserved.

‘As everyone knows the police were called to my home based on some prank phone calls,’ she began. ‘I love and adore my fans this time things went a little too far and my privacy was invaded.

She clarified that, ‘The police never entered my home,’ and they apparently left shortly after arriving at her gate after finding ‘no issue.’

But the run-in with law enforcement over the ‘prank phone calls’ still left her feeling accosted.

Bad memories: ‘This felt like I was being gaslit and bullied once the incident made it to the news and being portrayed once again in a poor and unfair light by the media,’ she continued; seen in 2014

‘This felt like I was being gaslit and bullied once the incident made it to the news and being portrayed once again in a poor and unfair light by the media,’ she continued. 

Spears seemed to urge her fans to take a more distanced, respectful approach to her as she concluded her statement.

‘During this time in my life, I truly hope the public and my fans who I care so much about can respect my privacy moving forward. All the love, B.’ 

Spears’ latest post speaking out arrives after she was reported to be angry with fans after police conducted their welfare check.

The singer was met by officers at her Thousand Oaks home after deleting her Instagram account for the seventh time in a less than a year, a decision that sparked concern from many of her followers. 

Deputies assigned to the property from Ventura County Sheriff’s office later determined ‘there was no reason to believe she was in danger,’ but Spears, 41, is said to be upset by their unexpected visit. 

Not happy: Britney Spears is understood to be angry with fans after police were asked to conduct a welfare check on the singer following a series of erratic episodes, according to TMZ

TMZ reports the singer was left ‘annoyed by the ‘inconvenience’, while understanding her devoted fans were acting from a place of love. has contacted Britney Spears’ representatives for comment. 

Spears — who days ago claimed she had changed her name to River Red — has frequently taken down her Instagram in recent months, even claiming one time she ‘accidentally’ deleted her page.

On Wednesday, shortly before deleting her account for the fifth time in five months, the Toxic singer — who was released from a 13-year conservatorship in April 2022 —  shared a post slamming online trolls. 

Concern: Spears’ fans called police to conduct a welfare check on the singer at her Thousand Oaks home after she sparked concern by deleting Instagram for for the seventh time

She wrote: ‘Rational people… I had one of these and it disappeared!!! I could sit back and be like MOST and not give anyone anything to think about on Instagram…

‘But interest is what serves most and being good!!! Being good can and will wrap things up in a seashell!!! Living the lavida loco life!!!

‘It gets better because that’s what I aim for!!! Keep coughing playas and just remember to watch your back!!! Or you might just get caught!!! Yep sucks to be me.

‘Keep talking s**t or maybe it will just rain from the sky!!! Giving someone I love my everything only gives me the dagger in the heart!!!

 ‘So at this point… I generously serve you my s**t… eat my s**t.’

Active on social: TMZ reports fans were concerned 41-year-old Spears’  was in danger after deleting her account and called the Ventura Co. Sheriff’s Office (pictured on Instagram this month)

The post came days after the Grammy-winning singer looked incredible in a skimpy Coca-Cola bandeau and a matching miniskirt while dancing to Attention by Omah Lay and Justin Bieber, as she said she changed her name to River Red.

In the caption of her Instagram post last Thursday, she discussed her ‘manic meltdown’ at a restaurant in Los Angeles, claiming she was just ‘tipsy.’

The Womanizer songstress wrote: ‘I’ve been at my Aunt Suzy’s house, we made 3 pies to give at church service this Sunday ⛪️ !!! I hear the men prefer the cherry and the women prefer banana!!!

‘Either way … the news of me being tipsy in the news then exploiting my past is a clever way to make me look like a pardoned woman that we can look at and say AWWW !!!

‘My neighborhood friend says I will pay for it the rest of my life !!! I’m sorry dear friend but if you ever got a taste of my pie … I could finally deliver it with my beautiful ass …

Stressful: Sam Asghari recently denied that Spears had ‘manic meltdown’ while out at a restaurant over the weekend, explaining she was simply ‘frustrated’ with fans taking photos; Pictured last year

‘I think my ignorant ways of trusting these TRUSTEES might have no where else to look …. not at an ice bowl or to show relevance but maybe MY ASS to intertwine real church service verses a blind sighted set up … which one????’

She concluded: ‘Pssss different edit of RED !!!!’

Posting a photo of Mars later on, she wrote: ‘A bright one … easy does it !!! Thank you, childhood friend, I found my ball … don’t underestimate the power of purity !!!

‘I see right through it all … it has liquid and is wet … it’s playful and has mass !!! I changed my name to River Red!!! Yet the fire is where it illuminates … to stare at it and jump right in with no fear at all !!!!

Shock: Britney recently claimed she’s changed her name to River Red as she sported a skimpy Coca-Cola two-piece while addressing being ‘tipsy’ in her recent ‘manic meltdown’ 

‘S**t. Now I have to find my FORK!!!’

The VMA winner solidified her new name by changing it on her Instagram profile. 

She most recently deactivated her Instagram back in December, leaving fans to question whether she was in control of her social media.

The questions were raised when Spears posted about her estranged sister Jamie Lynn Spears and shared a sweet message to her, despite being long estranged from Jamie.

Many fans believe a coded message to an unnamed celebrity was aimed at Jamie, with some speculating that the sweet message was actually sent by someone on her team and not Spears herself.

Her take: She penned: ‘I’ve been at my Aunt Suzy’s house, we made 3 pies to give at church service this Sunday ⛪️ !!! I hear the men prefer the cherry and the women prefer banana!!!’

 She previously deleted Instagram just a few weeks prior in mid-November, after she refused to join husband Sam Asghari on an Instagram Live session.

‘I don’t wanna jump in, I have nothing to say. I don’t wanna talk to them right now,’ Spears said on the live session, shortly before deactivating, though, like she has in times past, she reactivated just days later. 

Spears also deactivated in mid-October, after going on a rant about how her family treated her during her 15-year conservatorship.

‘My dad always told me I was fat so! never felt pretty or good enough and I think the thing that made me feel the UGLIEST was the FEAR in being scared of what he would do… I looked uneasy, unattractive, not in my skin,’ she said.

Spears added that her father made her feel, ‘less than a f***ing dog,’ adding, ‘I pray you burn in hell you sorry son of a b***h!!!’

The singer also deactivated Instagram in late August, though that time she left fans a message on Twitter, revealing why she deleted her account.

‘I’m learning every day is a clean slate to try and be a better person and do what makes me happy … yes I choose happiness today,’ she said.

‘I tell myself every day to let go of the hurt bitterness and try to forgive myself and others for what may have been hurtful,’ Spears added.

Proof: The VMA winner solidified her new name by changing it on her Instagram profile

‘I pray there actually is truth to the Holy Spirit and I hope that spirit is with my children as well,’ she said of her sons, Sean Preston ,17, and Jayden James, 16.

She added that she was, ‘overwhelmed’ with the release of her song Hold Me Closer with Elton John, her first new song in six years.

‘It`s pretty damn cool that I`m singing with one of the most classic men of our time…@eltonjohn,’ she said.

Her husband Asghari has not said anything publicly about Spears deactivating Instagram quite yet, though he previously confirmed that Spears was in fact in control of her Instagram and is responsible for the content on her page.

In June 2022 she deleted her account once again, just a week after her wedding to Asghari. 

In March 2022, she also mysteriously deleted her Instagram account but did not delete her Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, or SoundCloud accounts. 

The deactivation comes after the singer was reportedly been seen ‘talking gibberish’ when fans tried to take photos of her dining with Sam at the JOEY restaurant in Woodland Hills on Friday, before he appeared to storm out, TMZ initially reported.

However, Sam also spoke to a photographer on Sunday and explained that his wife was just ‘frustrated’ that fans were trying to take their picture while they were having dinner.

‘People get a little too excited to see my wife so everybody is filming, doing their thing,’ he explained. ‘But you know how it is, fame comes with the territory and I went to get the car to get the hell out of there, and people just thought I’d left, but that didn’t happen. So it is what it is man.’

Video: TMZ reported last week that Spears and Sam Asghari arrived at the JOEY restaurant in Woodland Hills on Friday, but when several patrons started taking photos of them, with Spears reportedly ‘talking gibberish’ leading Asghari to walk out of the restaurant

Asked if Britney — whose conservatorship was terminated last year — had felt frustrated by the situation, Sam added: ‘Yes, exactly — she felt frustrated and disrespected.’

 She followed up the concerning episode by posting a video of her flipping off the camera in a video set to Divinyls’ I Touch Myself.

Then on Sunday, she posted a caption explaining the incident which read: ‘I watched ‘NATURAL BORN KILLERS’ this morning and damn I got ENLIGHTENED … and HOLY SMOKES S**T BALLS.

‘I’m sure I brought a billion SMILES to me LOOKING LIKE SHREK at a restaurant. Even my best friend couldn’t WAIT TO SEND IT TO ME, THEY DON’T THINK TWICE because we are all natural born killers,’ Spears added.

‘I know the news is all hyped about me being a little drunk at a restaurant … it’s like they’ll be WATCHING MY EVERY MOVE !!!’ Spears continued.

‘I’m so flattered they talk about me like a maniac THEN have the balls to talk about all the negative things that happened in my past !!!’ she said.  

‘Honestly it would be safer for me to compliment this world and f**k up because if I become a prophet and don’t create history, we might have something y’all… I’m just KIDDING, but it’s a good thought,’ Spears added. 

Watched: ‘I watched ‘NATURAL BORN KILLERS’ this morning and damn I got ENLIGHTENED … and HOLY SMOKES S**T BALLS,’ Spears began

‘I know y’all are rooting for me and all and make sure you check out the shocking Shrek picture of me,’ she added.

‘I was like damn that’s horrific yet there were two pics where I was normal … either way honestly I know nobody gives a flying f**k what I do !!! I’m just bored writing this paragraph like a damn idiot,’ Spears concluded.

The Piece of Me singer was apparently triggered when restaurant patrons whipped out their cell phones and began snapping unwarranted photos and videos of her. 

Footage obtained by the outlet shows Britney trying to cover her face with a menu to keep prying eyes at bay.

Eyewitnesses allege the Grammy winner became increasingly upset and began ‘yelling’ and speaking in gibberish, which prompted her spouse to storm out. 

The former Disney star left the venue a few moments later with her bodyguard, who returned to pay the bill. 

It comes after Britney responded to rumors about her former boyfriend Justin Timberlake, clarifying her new heart tattoo ‘had nothing to do with an ex in the past’. 

Britney took to social media on Thursday to clarify that her new heart-shaped tattoo The superstar recently showed off her new ink right after sharing some throwback snaps of her and the Cry Me a River hitmaker, 41, leading fans to speculate they may have been related.

However, in a new text post on her Instagram Stories, the Toxic songstress explained: ‘Just to clarify… my tattoo had nothing to do with an ex in the past!!!’

‘I simply did it because I wanted to!!! The pic with my ex is a time where there was less confusion on what it meant to be together… it is what it is,’ she stated.

It comes after she revealed a new tattoo of a love heart on her arm on recent trip to Hawaii, but admitted she instantly regretted it.

After going under the needle for at least the 10th time, the Grammy-winning singer wrote that she disliked the artwork.

‘Tattoo in Maui 3 days ago,’ she captioned the footage, which showed her getting inked in the middle of her hotel room while vacationing in the Aloha State.

She continued: ‘Can’t show it because it sucks [three laughing emojis]!!! Like really really sucks!!! Sh**!!! Psss … I have to fix it!!!

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