Britney Spears talks about 'independence' as she models outfits

Britney Spears talks about ‘independence’ while modeling stylish outfits in a new post… after her attorney slams her ex Kevin Federline for sharing videos of her arguing with her sons

Britney Spears appeared to be in high spirits in a post she shared on her Instagram earlier on Friday.

The Queen of Pop, 40, uploaded a short reel of herself smiling at the camera as she modeled two different outfits, along with typing out a caption referencing to both ‘independence’ and ‘freedom.’

The post comes after her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, blasted the singer’s ex, Kevin Federline, for sharing a video on his Instagram of the star disciplining her two children, claiming he had violated not only Britney’s privacy, but also the privacy of their sons.

New post: Britney Spears, 40, uploaded a post onto her Instagram on Friday as she modeled stylish clothing and appeared to be in high spirits 

In the short clip, the Toxic singer could be seen posing in two outfits with a smile on her face. 

The first ensemble she modeled was a pair of low-waisted jeans and a pink cropped top with short-sleeves, flaunting her toned midriff. 

Britney slipped into a pair of black, closed-toed heels that she paired with grayish-colored socks. 

The star showed off a few of her favorite poses as she looked at the camera before showcasing her next look. 

Showing her poses: The singer striked a few poses as she modeled a cropped top and low-waisted jeans

Outfit change: In the other half of the reel, Britney changed into a patterned dress with her hair thrown up into an up do 

Britney then modeled an off-the-shoulder, black and white patterned dress with the same heels she wore with the previous outfit. Her blonde hair was styled up into a loose up do. 

The Baby One More Time hitmaker added a detailed caption to the post about the importance of independence. 

‘In a world where you have the right to use your feet…heart…mouth…eyes…and body … to express yourself however you may. Declaration of INDEPENDENCE … for equality and to be equal!!!’ 

She then referenced to her own freedom over recent months. ‘Not even touching, covering, and holding me against my will for 4 months !!!’ 

Happy mood: Despite a recent video shared by her ex, Kevin Federline, of her arguing with her two sons, the singer looks to be unbothered 

Freedom: Britney shared a caption with her new post, writing, ‘I’m here to share that freedom is a state of mind’

The performer then stated a quote from singer, Jennifer Lopez. ‘You look right down that camera and tell every little girl in the world to get loud and never ever back down to giving light to injustice!!!’ 

Britney then concluded her statement by writing, ‘I’m here to share that freedom is a state of mind!!! GOD BLESS U ALL.’ 

The pop singer was freed from an almost 14-year-long conservatorship in November 2021, however, she is still facing a continuous court battle with her father, Jamie Spears. 

Additionally, Britney’s ex, Kevin, recently uploaded a since-deleted video onto his own Instagram page. The two previously married in 2004, but divorced three years later in 2007, and share two children, Sean and Jayden.

The clip showed the singer arguing with her two sons, aged 11 and 12 at the time, as they were all seated in a car. 

Her attorney made a public statement on Thursday in direct response to Kevin uploading the video onto his social media. 

Court battle: Despite the end of her conservatorship in November 2021, Britney is still currently fighting a battle in court against her father, Jamie Spears

‘Britney Spears is a brilliantly talented, extremely hardworking icon, who is rightfully beloved and respected by millions around the world,’ Rosengart told MailOnline on Thursday. 

‘The same, unfortunately, cannot be said about Mr. Federline, who for reasons that are inexplicable, decided to give a gratuitous interview that has hurt the mother of his children.’

Rosengart defended Spears, saying that despite the combative tone of the videos, she had ‘faithfully supported’ Sean and Jayden and ‘loves them dearly.’

‘Whether he realizes it or not, Mr. Federline has not only violated the privacy and dignity of the mother of his children, he has undermined his own children, whose privacy he should protect,’ the former federal prosecutor continued.

‘Putting aside his ITV interview, Mr. Federline’s ill-advised decision to post an old video of his 11 and 12-year-old children was cruel, bottom of the barrel stuff.’

Two exes: Britney and Kevin became engaged in 2004, and married later that same year, and divorced three years later in 2007; the two exes pictured together in 2005

He added that Spears wasn’t aware that she was being recorded in the clips posted by her ex-husband.

‘It was abhorrent. In addition to demeaning himself and violating societal norms, he has now also created various legal issues for himself including, but not limited to, implicating cyber-harassment and cyber-bullying statutes, among other things,’ Rosengart claimed.

Federline subsequently deleted his videos on Thursday morning, again leaving his Instagram page completely bare. 

Defended: Britney’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, blasted her ex for invading both the singer’s and their sons’ privacy in his response to the video upload

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