Carson Rowland Reveals How the ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’ Cast Found Out About A

Carson Rowland is opening up about the reveal of A’s identity in season one of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin!

The 24-year-old actor portrays Chip in the season, a major film buff with a not-so-secret crush on Chandler Kinney‘s Tabby.

A’s identity was revealed at the end of the season, and Carson recently dished about how and where the cast found out about who A was.

Find out what he revealed inside…

While appearing on The Art of Kindness podcast with Robert Peterpaul, Carson revealed that the cast found out all together, in a hot tub.

“To celebrate episode 10 – we’d always hear rumors on set, but everyone plugged their ears. We said we’re not going to find out anything about episode 10. We’re going to sit down and read it together,” he shared.

“We sat down and read it while we were in the hot tub and we were actually screaming. We had no idea!” he added. “We were figuring it out while we were filming. It’s a great reveal. It’s fun and it’s scary and the whole cast crushes it.”

Carson also opened up about his other show, Sweet Magnolias, which will be back for a third season.

“Season 3 is amazing so far… and Sherryl continues just to tell such a powerful incredible story with Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias. It’s really awesome. It’s something special and I’m so grateful to be a part of the show,” he gushed.

Check out Carson‘s full interview on The Art of Kindness podcast below!

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