Dianas anniversary will be traumatic for William and Harry, says royal expert

The 25th anniversary of Princess Diana's death will be "traumatic" for her sons Prince William and Prince Harry, a royal expert has claimed.

Wednesday marks quarter of a century since Diana, her partner Dodi Fayed, and the driver of their car Henri Paul died following a crash in the Pont de l'Alma tunnel in Paris.

Although the anniversary will be tough for her two sons every year, Jennie Bond notes how heightened interest around the event will be "particularly difficult" for them to deal with due to the significance of it being 25 years.

Speaking exclusively to OK!, Jennie says: "The 25th anniversary will be particularly difficult for them, there is so much press coverage.

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"They probably can't turn the television on or open the paper or look on the internet without seeing a photo of their mother when they wouldn't be expecting to, it must be traumatic."

Jennie continued to add that Prince Harry's upcoming trip to the UK with wife Meghan Markle comes at "a very difficult time" and shared hopes that the brothers would be able to put their differences aside in their mother's memory.

She added: "Harry's visit to the UK coincides with the week of Diana's death so it will be a very difficult time.


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"Wouldn't it be nice if the two brothers could get together and say a prayer or have a drink or have a hug for their mother?

"They will both be reflecting hard I'm sure, I just wish that their reflection will show them what grief it would cause their mother to see them at loggerheads."

Jennie continued: "Harry is going to be in the country at a very poignant time for those two boys and if there was ever going to be a softening about their current feelings about each other, you would think this would be it.

"Perhaps they will have a quiet couple of private hours together," she concluded.

However, it was previously reported that Harry and Meghan "have no plans" to visit William and his wife Kate Middleton during the trip, which takes place next week.

Harry and Meghan will reportedly be staying at Frogmore Cottage again, which is situated on the Queen's estate in Windsor and just a five minute walk from Kate and William's new home Adelaide Cottage.

Despite planning to stay within close proximity of one another, it's been reported that the two couples still aren't planning to meet up, with Harry and Meghan focusing solely on their charity work during their visit.

Editor of Majesty Magazine, Ingrid Seward, told The Sun: "I don't think they would bump into one another unless it was pre-arranged. I suppose one could go round with some flowers as a peace offering, but remember what happened last time."

It was claimed that Meghan threw flowers she received from Kate in the bin following an argument over bridesmaids dresses in the lead up to her and Harry's wedding in 2018.


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