J. Cole Details What Things He Does to Improve His Mental Health

When opening up about the matter with Kevin Hart on his show, the ‘She Knows’ rapper reveals he has set rules for himself, including limiting social media use.

AceShowbizJ. Cole has got candid about how he improves his mental health. The “She Knows” rapper revealed in an interview that he has rules for himself, including limiting social media use.

“I had set rules for myself,” the 38-year-old said with when speaking to Kevin Hart for his “Hart to Heart” show on Peacock. “One was like, ‘Bro, you can’t go on social media no more’ … Nobody’s there to be like, don’t Google yourself. Don’t search your name.”

“I had set some rules for myself, some baseline rules like, ‘Yo, don’t go on Twitter. Don’t read your replies.’ That’s rule number one.,” he added. “Number two, when you’re creating, you got to create from a pure place only. That was a rule I set for myself. Everything has to only be truly what you feel in your heart.”

J. Cole also revealed that he’s been doing meditation. “So I got with this new publicist, Kathryn Frazier, and she’s [an] amazing woman. She was telling me how she was into meditation, transcendental meditation,” he explained. “And I had flirted with it in my early twenties, practice it a little bit..didn’t know what I was doing, but had a nice little experience. But I didn’t dive into it. But mind you, her telling me about that was coinciding with me, realizing, yo, something, something’s going on.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, J. Cole additionally spoke about the current crop of female rappers. “I think it’s fire,” he shared. “It’s a whole different ball game, like a whole different crop of young superstars and styles. I’ve been feeling this for like maybe a year or two – I hate to say it ’cause it almost sounds like pandering – but I really do think like, man, it’s a lot of fire female rappers.”

“I feel like they’re doing some of the most exciting [stuff], commercially – they’re giving us a lot of fire moments and I feel like that’s something that wasn’t around when we was growing up,” he further elaborated. “You always had a Lil’ Kim, a [Foxy Brown], but there could never be more than one almost, it felt like. Now it’s like, bro, we’re getting moments and moments and moments. I think it’s hard.”

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