Jake Paul Fighting Tommy Fury At MSG After Giving Boxer Ultimatum

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will settle their beef … after seemingly years of back-and-forth trash talk, failed negotiations, canceled flights and an ultimatum from Jake — fight me now or never — the two boxers will finally square off in a ring.

Jake announced the news early Thursday morning … proclaiming Tommy, Tyson Fury‘s younger brother, stepped up to the plate and accepted his challenge.

“Okay people he grew a set overnight. It’s official, I’m taking this little Fury’s head off,” Paul said on Twitter.

JP also announced he and Tommy will co-main event alongside Amanda Serrano, who fights under Jake’s MVP promotion and is fighting Brenda Carabajal at the mecca of boxing, Madison Square Garden.

Yesterday, Jake ripped 23-year-old Fury … accusing him of ducking him and finding every possible excuse to prevent the fight from happening.

“Tommy Fury, you pulled out last year. Then you agree to fight me now but your dad is trying to pull you out again? We’ve given you everything you asked for,” Paul told Fury.

He continued … “We’re 45 days away from the fight. We agreed to his 2 million dollar purse, we agreed to VADA testing, extra flights, extra rooms, extra tickets to the fight.”

And, let’s not forget back in December, Jake seemed to be over the Tommy saga … after Fury pulled out of their Dec. 18 bout due to a chest infection and broken rib.

The two have been going at it for quite some time now … and it will all come to a head in NYC on August 6.

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