Joe Biden Becomes Butt of Internet’s Jokes After Once Again Calling Kamala Harris ‘President’

The oldest-ever president of the United States is clowned and ridiculed on social media after he once again refers to the vice president as ‘president’ during a border security press conference.

AceShowbizJoe Biden has been clowned on social media. The president of the United States has become the butt of jokes on the Internet after he once again called Vice President Kamala Harris “President Harris” during a border security press conference.

On Thursday, January 5, the 80-year-old politician discussed his upcoming trip to the southern border this weekend. During his speech, he mistakenly referred to Harris as “President Harris.” He said, “President Harris led this effort…led this effort to make things better in the countries from which they are leaving.” Later in his remarks, he correctly identified Harris as the “vice president.”

The gaffe, which has happened on at least five prior occasions, was widely criticized on Twitter. “Biden STRUGGLED today in his press conference,” wrote Congressman-elect Ronny Jackson on Twitter. “He called Kamala, ‘President Harris.’ It was a DISASTER.” ACT for America chairman Bridgette Gabriel wrote, “It’s time for Joe to retire.”

“After referring to ‘President Harris’, he said the seizure of ‘more than 20,000 pounds of deadly fentanyl…[is] enough to kill as many as a 1,000 people,’ ” tweeted attorney Jonathan Turley. In a following post, Jonathan penned, “…Just 15,000 pounds is enough to kill every American,” along with a link to a press release from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration outlining the sharp rise in “fentanyl-related mass-overdose events.”

One Twitter user chimed in, “So who is president? Biden doesn’t know. In the speech he is giving he just called Harris PRESIDENT again. If he doesn’t know who or what Kamala Harris is and doesn’t know who or what he is half of the time, he damn sure shouldn’t be running our country.” Someone else added, “He manifesting she take over at this point lol.”

Back in October, the oldest-ever president, who has said that he intends to run for a second term in 2024, called Harris a “great president” while wishing her a happy birthday. Last January, he also referred to the veep as “President Harris” during a speech in Georgia, in which he also falsely claimed he was arrested multiple times fighting for civil rights. In December 2021, he told students of a historically black college in South Carolina that “of course President Harris is a proud Howard alum.”

Less than two months after taking office, Biden referred to “President Harris” while celebrating the U.S. nearing the milestone of 100 million COVID-19 vaccine doses being administered in March 2021. In December 2020, after winning the presidential election, Biden referred to his running mate as “President-elect Harris” while discussing how she publicly received a COVID-19 vaccine shot.

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