Kate Hudson Unbothered by ‘Nepo Baby’ Claims

The ‘Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery’ actress suggests she doesn’t really care if people discredit her work just because she is the daughter of Oscar winner Goldie Hawn and actor/musician Bill Hudson.

AceShowbiz -While some celebrities were recently enraged by the “nepo baby” claims, Kate Hudson remained unbothered. When asked about the matter in an interview with The Independent, the “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” actress said, “I don’t really care.”

“The nepotism thing, I mean … I don’t really care. I look at my kids and we’re a storytelling family. It’s definitely in our blood,” the 43-year-old told the outlet. “People can call it whatever they want, but it’s not going to change it.”

Kate added, “I actually think there are other industries where it’s [more common]. Maybe modeling? I see it in business way more than I see it in Hollywood.” She then shared, “Sometimes I’ve been in business meetings where I’m like, ‘Wait, whose child is this?’ Like, this person knows nothing!”

“I don’t care where you come from or what your relationship to the business is,” the daughter of Oscar winner Goldie Hawn and actor/musician Bill Hudson further stressed. “If you work hard and you kill it, it doesn’t matter.”

Some celebrities aired out their frustration after Vulture published “Year of the Nepo Baby” cover story. Among those who condemned the article were Lily Allen, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Katie Moss‘ half-sister Lottie Moss and Jamie Lee Curtis.

“I have been a professional actress since I was 19 years old so that makes me an OG Nepo Baby,” the 64-year-old daughter of Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh wrote on Instagram on Friday, December 23. “I’ve never understood, nor will I, what qualities got me hired that day.”

“But since my first two lines on Quincy as a contract player at Universal Studios to this last spectacular creative year some 44 years later, there’s not a day in my professional life that goes by without my being reminded that I am the daughter of movie stars,” she continued. “The current conversation about nepo babies is just designed to try to diminish and denigrate and hurt.”

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