Kate Middleton's Favorite Dresses Always Include This "Naughty" Detail

Kate Middleton has been obsessed with wearing Alessandra Rich dresses lately—especially when polka dots are involved—and the designer just did an interview with The Telegraph to chat about all things Duchess of Cambridge. Starting with the fact that she isn’t involved in Kate picking out her fits.

“We only know she’s wearing one of the dresses when we see her in it, we’re never told anything in advance,” Alessandra said. “We don’t ask and they don’t say.”

And when asked if her popularity with Kate left her feeling typecast, she noted “I am super grateful. The buyers know the collection is bigger so it is fine that the public mostly knows the more conservative pieces. The Duchess of Cambridge is such a style icon, I can’t ever say I’m not thrilled she likes my clothes.”

“I think Kate at 40 seems so much more confident than Kate at 20,” she continued. “I love my age, I love having clients who aren’t super young, because you know yourself better, you know what you want – this is true for everyone, so it must be true for the Duchess. I am just happy that what she wants at this stage of her life is my clothes.”

And speaking of Alessandra’s clothes, all of them—including the dresses Kate wears—have “naughty” elements. “All my pieces are like this,” she said. “they cover the arms or the legs but there’s always a split somewhere, or a body chain underneath. It is good to be a bit naughty.”

Truer words!

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