Kim Kardashian & Tom Brady WERE Photographed Together At That Fourth Of July Party!

We finally got some photo evidence of Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady!

Rumors have been swirling around that the duo have been secretly dating for a while now. The 45-year-old former football player’s rep came forward to shut down the speculation – although noted that they had been “in touch” because she was looking for a vacation home. However, the relationship rumors ramped up once again when attended billionaire Michael Rubin’s party in the Hamptons for the Fourth of July weekend. Sources claimed that Kim and Tom “were super flirty with each other” during the annual bash.

Of course, talking and flirting at a party doesn’t mean anything. But where there is smoke, there is fire, right? Not necessarily. Multiple outlets confirmed they only “briefly” talked to each other that weekend. In fact, a source told Page Six the athlete “was talking to different women” at the party. He’s specifically been rumored to have been talking with Emily Ratajkowski several times at the event. And although Kimmy Kakes has a “crush” on Tom, a People insider insisted she is “not in a relationship right now.”

These reports should be put the rumors rest once and for all, right? Well, they’re not going anywhere for now! Because a picture has surfaced of Kim and Tom interacting at the party! An anonymous social media user sent a snapshot to gossip maven DeuxMoi of the 42-year-old reality star hanging out with Tom at the party. She told the Instagram outlet:

“I’ve been seeing some posts speculate whether or not Kim and Tom actually spent time together at the party and I wasn’t gonna send this initially bc it felt creepy but I do have a photo of them together lol.”

Neither of their faces is visible in the photo. However, you can clearly see Kim’s white crop top and matching skirt set she wore to the party in it. The tall guy in the image is no doubt Tom, considering he sported the same all-white look that day. Ch-ch-check it out (below):

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That’s not all! A source also told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday that Kim and Tom actually did take a moment to chat with each other during the party:

“Kim and Tom spent time hanging out and talking at Michael Rubin’s white party and had a good time together.”

“Spent time hanging out and talking?!” That’s a far cry from People’s sources saying the pair “barely even said hello” to each other at the soiree! And these new pic prove that these two did mingle at the time.

So does this mean Kim and Tom are a thing? It’s unclear if there’s any truth to the rumors – although insiders have insisted they were just “friends.” And again, two people chatting or being photographed at a party together doesn’t mean they’re romantically involved. But you never know what could happen after their interaction with each other! She’s supposedly interested in Tom, so perhaps she’ll shoot her shot! There could still be some hope left for those shipping Kim and Tom together!

But what do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Do you think Tom and Kim will end up in a relationship together? Let us know in the comments below!

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