Las Vegas Streaker Was Drugged by Mysterious Person, Wife Claims

The man who went on a violent, sexually charged rampage in Las Vegas over the weekend was drugged … at least according to his family.

Brian Danilczyk downed a drink laced with hallucinogenics, causing him to slug a one-legged man at the Flamingo Hotel Sunday, his wife reportedly told the press.

Danilczyk then got naked and barged inside Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, where he flaunted his genitals and danced on top of a poker table. Vegas cops wrestled Brian to the floor, arresting him for indecent exposure and disorderly conduct.

But his other half, Michelle, placed blame for the crimes on someone else in a text message exchange with the New York Post. First, Michelle described Brian as a “great person” who would never normally behave in such a way, insisting, “He is the victim.”

streaker arrested

Then Michelle said the person who spiked her husband’s drink is the real criminal, adding that Brain had a severe hallucinogenic reaction and has no recollection of what happened. She said they are working with doctors who have performed toxicology tests to determine the type of substance Brian consumed.

streaker arrested

We’ve contacted Vegas police to check out Michelle’s story about the mysterious person who spiked the drink … so far no word back.

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