Love Island’s Liv Hawkins: ‘Whitney’s unforgivable, Abi’s hypocritical and Tyrique’s lying’

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Former Love Island star and resident show columnist Olivia Hawkins has given her take on everything that's been going down on the ITV2 show.

Last week was a big one, with declarations of love from Tyrique Hyde to Ella Thomas, followed by Sammy Root asking Jess Harding to be his girlfriend, with a little help from the other Islanders.

There was also big drama between Ella Thomas and Whitney Adebayo, after Whitney told Ella that she is "the most selfish person I've ever met."

Here's Olivia's unfiltered assessment of this week's Love Island…

I wouldn't forgive Whitney if I was Ella T

Whitney's comment to Ella T about her being selfish was really mean – it's put me off Whitney a little, and I feel like she has jeopardised herself.

I think Ella was right about Whitney being mad that she and Tyrique said that Whitney and Lochan were the most smug couple, but Whitney would never admit it.

Her words to Ella were harsh. My friends would never speak to me like that and I wouldn't speak to then like that. I don't think I could forgive Whitney if she said that to me.

Mitch still likes Abi but his ego will stop him from going back

Abi is definitely hung up on Mitch, but the way people keep saying she's obsessed with him makes me feel really sorry for her.

She was a hypocrite when it came to getting angry with Mitch about exploring things with Ella, when she had gotten to know Scott.

I think Mitch actually still likes Abi, but he wouldn't get back together with her now because of his ego. I'd love to see them get back together on the show, and if they don't, it could happen on the outside.

I don't buy that Tyrique really loves Ella T

I don't buy that Tyrique really loves Ella T, or at least not to the extent that he says he does. Maybe I am wrong, but we will see if they last on the outside.

Having said that, I've really enjoyed watching Tyrique's journey in the villa, and how he's changed. It's nice to see that playboy figure break down his barriers and open himself up.

Sammy only asked Jess to be his girlfriend because of Tyrique

It seems like Sammy only made the decision to make Jess his girlfriend after Tyrique told Ella T he loved her.

It's like Sammy heard that Tyrique said that and was like, "oh, me too," before going one step up and asking Jess to become official – it came out of nowhere.

However, I do think that Sammy has grown with Jess and I do think that they're cute together.

Behind the scenes

It's awkward kissing so many people during the kissing challenge. The boys have headphones in that play music so they have no idea who they're kissing, so you can hear it when you kiss them which is a bit strange.

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