Love Islands Scott confronts co-stars over claims hes using Catherine in tense scenes

There's set to be major drama in the Love Island villa tonight as Scott van-der-Sluis calls all the islands around the firepit for an urgent meeting to address claims he's "using" Catherine Agbaje.

The Welsh footballer has been the subject of chatter on and off screen about his relationship with stunning Catherine, with viewers accusing him of just using her.

Scott was one of the first bombshells to enter the Love Island villa, and made his intentions very clear. Talking to a newly-single Catherine, whose first partner Andre Furtado was dumped after a public vote, Scott said he didn't care about breaking up couples and he was prepared to cause "trouble."

Tonight's episode will see a climax to the Scott and Catherine drama as he calls all the islanders around the firepit after overhearing gossip about his relationship.

He tells them to stop talking behind his back and instead address their issues to his face.

“Everyone, can you all come round the fire pit…me and Catherine were sat in the den and I can hear everyone saying my name multiple times," he says. "If anyone’s got an issue with anything that’s going on, just air it out now in front of everyone.”

His dramatic meeting followed a conversation between Tyrique and Ella, with Tyrique claiming he doesn't believe his feelings for her are real.

Tyrique tries to defend himself saying: “I feel like it’s a feeling within the Villa for myself that people think you are semi playing a game…you’re definitely over exaggerating your feelings for Catherine.”

Tyrique goes on to add: “If the majority of people feel one way, then maybe there’s an element of truth.”

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