Love Islands Tink: ‘I went in Casa Amor looking for love – I wish Montel had been honest’

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Love Island's Tink Reading has exclusively opened up to OK! about her short-lived time in Casa Amor – known for being one of the most dramatic parts of the hit ITV2 series.

Tink, 26, entered the main villa during Casa Amor, alongside five other female bombshells, including Molly Marsh, who had been dumped from the villa weeks prior.

After having chats with both Sammy Root and Montel McKenzie, Tink ended up growing close to Montel, whose partner is Leah Taylor.

It seemed like the pair were getting on swimmingly, with Montel even telling Tink he had more in common with her than with Leah.

They also shared a kiss on the terrace – encouraged by Tyrique Hyde – so one could have assumed Montel would choose to couple up with Tink in the tense recoupling.

Her jaw, and probably many viewers', dropped, however, when he chose to remain with Leah, and now, in an exclusive chat with OK! , Tink has had her say on what really went on during Casa Amor, as she said she wished Montel had been honest with her.

She told us: "Myself and Montel spent a lot of time together during Casa Amor. He instigated a lot of it.

"Normally, it's the girls grafting the boys, but it was Montel who took me for a lot of the chats; he pulled me to the terrace to kiss me, and he asked me to stay in his bed.

"It was very much mutual that we wanted to spend our time together during the Casa Amor experience."

Tink went on to say that the other Islanders were convinced Montel would pick her during the recoupling, and that Molly Marsh had told her: "You've got nothing to worry about."

She said the boys had said the same thing, before saying: "We didn't really have a conversation about who he [Montel] was leaning towards, but I think if he had just been open and honest with me that he wanted to stick with Leah, my reaction of total shock wouldn't have been what it was.

"If he'd just said to me, 'I've had a lovely few days, but I want to see where it goes with Leah,' I would have had more respect for him.

"He should have just been honest with me, rather than leading me down a path that I thought was there, but it obviously wasn't."

Speaking about finding out Tyrique was the driving force behind Montel's decision to kiss her, Tink said: "I didn't know that at the time, and I'm not upset, it's just a bit annoying, because I did think I was close to Tyrique on a friendship level."

But she surmised: "At the end of the day, someone can tell you to do something, but your actions are your own actions – no one forced our heads together to kiss."

And does Tink have any bad blood with Leah? "No," she tells us. "I think I will really get along with Leah on the outside. She's a girls' girl. We're definitely not going to have any problems."

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