More Than 100 Animals Found Alive in Luggage at Thai Airport

Snakes on a plane would’ve been just the tip of the iceberg on this flight out of Thailand … where 2 women are in custody for stashing more than 100 animals in their luggage!!!

Security at Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok had to take a second look at the suspects’ bags after the X-ray machine set off some red flags — which is when they discovered 50 lizards, 35 turtles, an armadillo, some snakes and several other species in their luggage. Many of them were dehydrated, and 2 animals were dead.

Among the reptile stash were yellow-spotted river turtles, which are on the international vulnerable species list.

The women, who were planning to take the critters back to India, were charged with violating the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act … and face up to 10 years in prison for that. They were also charged with violating Thailand’s Customs and public health laws.

Wildlife trafficking makes $150 billion globally each year — more than 70,000 animals have been found at Indian airports in the past decade, and over a third of them were spotted at the Chennai International Airport … which is where the women were heading.

Officials believe the recent spike in wildlife trafficking is due to a relaxing of COVID travel regulations.

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