Nicki Minaj Teases ‘Freaky Girl’ Sampling Rick James

Nicki Minaj recently took to social media to tease a new song “Freaky Girl,” that samples Rick James‘ 1981 hit “Super Freak.”

“He want a F R EEEEEE A K,” the rapper captioned the video on social media. “#FreakyGirl,” she added with tongue emoji.

The short video shows Minaj, wearing a black Burberry swimsuit, twerking on an orange chaise couch as the song begins with a stripped-back lyric from “Super Freak” – “She’s alright, that girl’s alright with me.”

“I can lick it, I can ride it while you slip it and slide it,” Minaj raps. “I can do all them little tricks/ You can smack it you can grip it you can go down and kiss it/ Every time he leave me ‘lone he always tell me he miss me/ He wanna F, R, E A K.”

Minaj has not shared a release date for the track, which will be her first since the release of “We Go Up,” which arrived in March.

(Photo: Republic Records)

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