Olly Murs went on Deal or No Deal to help fund his mum’s medical care – but lost £26k

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Olly Murs, 38, had been desperately trying to fund medical care for his mother when he first appeared on Deal or No Deal pre-fame, but may have been a little over-confident. He turned down a massive £26,000 in the hope of raising the bar higher, only to end up with virtually nothing.

It was the worst run of boxes in deal or no deal history

Noel Edmonds

Olly told Heart Bingo about the humiliating moment when he left defeated with just a ten pound note to show for his appearance – and recommended jokingly that listeners should go onto YouTube to watch it.

“In Noel Edmonds’s words, ‘it was the worst run of boxes in deal or no deal history’,” he confessed sheepishly.

“I basically had the best game and turned down 26 grand.”

“I became a bit of meme. It is very funny. If you have five minutes free, you should watch it on YouTube.”

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Olly explained that he had intended to fund a trip to the USA for his mum to receive medical treatment for a large number of “health issues”.

“I said to her, ‘I will go on a gameshow, mum, I will win some money to help you out.’ And she goes, ‘Yeah, sure, go ahead,'” he elaborated.

Little did he know he was about to embarrass himself by leaving with just £10.

The fatal error had been when Olly, who had not yet sprung to fame via The X Factor, told Noel ‘No Deal!’ and opted to keep his original box.

The gamble might not have paid off, but host Noel was sympathetic.

He told him on camera during the show: “You haven’t got failure written all over you!”

Then later, behind the scenes, he added encouragingly: “I’ve got a feeling I’m going to meet you again, Olly. I have got a certain vibe from you.”

His prediction proved correct, as the Troublemaker singer ended up becoming the first player in the show’s history to return again four years later.

When he arrived back, it was for the celebrity version – but again he failed to scoop more than a tenner.

Reliving his humiliation, Olly shuddered that a woman with a cheque had personally addressed each contestant, referencing how much they’d won.

“‘Congratulations, Debbie, you won 10,000 pounds. Johnny, congratulations, you won 22,000 pounds. Olly, congratulations, you won ten pounds.'”

He concluded that perhaps a career in opening boxes was not for him.

Meanwhile Meghan Markle also appeared on Deal or No Deal in the past, as a “briefcase girl”.

However game show host Howie Mandel was perhaps less impressed with her than Noel Edmonds was with Olly, as he admitted later that he didn’t remember the Duchess.

Earlier this year, Olly endured an embarrassment of a different kind when his fitness and bodybuilding enthusiast girlfriend Amelia became his carer.

The Voice judge had needed an operation to repair his knee, which temporarily left him reliant on crutches.

During his period of physical struggle, co-star Tom Jones, 81, jokingly mocked that he was fitter than Olly was.

Olly revealed in The Sun that Tom was less than impressed with his pitch to play him in a biopic, hitting back: “You’re a good-looking lad and you’ve got some hips, but you ain’t got the curly hair and my charm.”

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