Post Malone Bizarrely Drinks Beer From Fan’s Worn Shoe After Sparking Concern With Skinny Look

The ‘Sunflower’ hitmaker leaves his fans worried with his shockingly skinny look and weird moves onstage while serving as the opening act for the Oceania leg of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Global Stadium Tour.

AceShowbizPost Malone is going viral on the Internet thanks to his unique yet bizarre stage act. The “Sunflower” hitmaker was seen enjoying drinking beer from a random fan’s worn shoe onstage.

In a video circulating on social media on Tuesday, February 7, the 27-year-old musician, who looked thinner than before, was seen performing his song “I Fall Apart”. He’s currently serving as the opening act for the Oceania leg of legendary rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ Global Stadium Tour.

In the footage, Posty clutched a low-top white sneaker while pouring the contents of a plastic red cup into it. “How did we get here?” he asked the crowd, who started a “chug” chant of encouragement before he knocked back the soiled beer. Afterward, he bowed for the crowd as they cheered him on and the soggy sneaker was returned to its owner.

That wasn’t the only clip from the show to go viral. Another video showed skinny-looking Posty mouth-to-mouth with the microphone laying on the stage as he contorted his body in a strange and zoned-out fashion. Other clips saw him pulling at his clothes while performing for fans.

The bizarre stage act, unfortunately, left his fans worried over his well-being. “Nothing about this clip screams substance abuse to me. Could be wrong…,” one person remarked on Twitter. Another commented, “Bro is lookin kinda skinny for posty.” A third added, “He’s looking really skinny…” Someone else suggested, “I see what you’re talking about. The opioid poses.”

Thankfully, TMZ reported that Posty is all fine. Sources told the news outlet that the “Psycho” crooner previously gained some weight for a movie role, but he’s since been on a strict diet and working out.

The strange stage act came after Posty spent most of last fall on his “Twelve Carat Tour”, which featured some wild moments of its own including Post injuring himself onstage on multiple occasions.

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