President Biden Tells Fort Myers Beach Mayor, 'No One F***s with a Biden'

President Biden had another one of those moments, where he became so engrossed in a convo he forgot there was a hot mic … and it was something!

The Prez was in Florida to survey the damage from Hurricane Ian, and had just held a joint news conference with FL Governor Ron DeSantis. He was talking to Fort Myers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy. It’s unclear what the 2 were chatting about, but at one point the President blurts out, “No one f***s with a Biden.” The Mayor responds, “You’re God damn right!”

Biden then says, “You can’t argue with your brother outside the house.” The Mayor says, “That’s exactly right.”

It seems — SEEMS — they may be talking about the fact Biden and DeSantis — who could end up going head-to-head in 2024 — shared the stage and came together to deal with the disaster, but we don’t know.

It’s reminiscent of Biden’s famous f-bomb that he dropped when he was Veep, turning to Barack Obama near a hot mic after their health care reform victory, saying, “This is a big f***ing deal!”

At any rate, it’s good to see opponents coming together — at least for a time — for an important purpose.

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