Prince Harry Is Reportedly "Revising" His Memoir Out of Respect for the Queen

There’s been a lot of speculation about when/if Prince Harry’s extremely anticipated memoir will come out amid the Queen’s passing. And as of now it looks like the book will be pushed back to 2023 out of respect for the Queen, and in order to give Harry time to make some changes.

A source tells Page Six that “the big question is” whether or not Harry’s “taking out anything potentially bad he wrote about [William, Charles, and Camilla] now? Who knows what will change. He would never write anything bad about the Queen. He always has had the utmost love and respect for her.”

A “publishing insider” also confirms that the memoir will “almost certainly” get pushed back out of respect for the Queen, with a source explaining “Of course, the Queen”s passing was something that was always speculated on when we started working on the book … when it comes down to it, there is absolutely no way the book can come out this year. You only have to look at the royal family to see how emotional they are. This is a matter of respect for Her Majesty — as Prince Harry’s grandmother and as his Queen.”

Meanwhile, another source said (truly, so many sources just waiting to give intel) explained that “Harry will want to take out certain passages that involve Queen Elizabeth, out of respect for her. Plus, he will want to describe his feelings about the Queen’s passing.”

Harry hasn’t publicly commented on his memoir’s release date, and in fact hasn’t said anything about it except this:

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