Prue Leith in sex life admission as husband pleads for ‘reinforcement’

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Prue Leith admitted she wouldn’t refuse a libido jab if offered during the menopause, but her other half seemed less certain. The Great British Bake Off judge, 82, shared “libido is part of your happiness” as she gladly volunteered to have a libido jab while on Loose Women today.

However, her husband John Playfair, 74, did not seem as convinced by the medical innovation.

Prue joined the Loose Women panel as they discussed if they would take the injection or not.

She told the presenters that “there shouldn’t be any debate” as long as it was safe and medically prescribed.

But Prue’s husband then chimed in, cheekily revealing that his wife was doing just fine without medical assistance.

The conversation came following the results of a new study which claimed that a new hormone injection could help with the loss of sex drive in women.

When discussing if they would consider the injection, Prue admitted: “Of course, I would, I don’t understand why there should be any debate, if it’s safe and can be medically prescribed.

“If you’re short of vitamins the doctor tells you to get more vitamins, I’ve been on HRT since I was 40 – every now and then they say do you want to come off and I say absolutely not.

“There’s a real puritan thing, if it’s something vaguely to do with sex and age in this country… what nonsense, your libido is a part of your happiness.”

Her husband was sitting in the audience, prompting Ruth Langsford to ask John his thoughts.

“Oh don’t give her anymore! I’ll be calling in reinforcements!” He laughed.

The panel went on to discuss romance as you get older, with Prue adding: “I object to the idea that when you turn 50, you should give up on everything.

“My advice is that love is so important, if you get a chance at it you should grab it. One of our problems is just not saying it.

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“If you’re desperate for them, tell them it’ll work!’

It comes as the culinary star revealed she once accidentally attended an orgy with a male friend when she was just 19.

She shared: “When I was in Paris as a young woman, I went to an orgy. And it really was an orgy, when we walked through the door there were all these…I mean, I actually thought I was going to a party.

“I was taken by a friend of mine, it wasn’t a boyfriend. But he said, ‘Look, I know where this great party is going on’.

“And so off we went. And we walked through the door, and they were just rooms full of bouncing bare bottoms on bean bags all over the floor.

“This is the 60s. And I thought, ‘Oh my God’, and he just vanished.

“He thought, ‘Good’. And he was off. So I went to the bar. And I tried to pretend that I wanted to drink.

“And then people kept coming up to me and saying, ‘Why have you got your clothes on? Get your kit off, don’t you realise this is a gangbang’,” she added.

The star then stripped off to spare more blushes in the bizarre situation.

Prue continued to tell the Dirty Mother Pukka podcast: “I couldn’t go home because I didn’t even know where we were. I haven’t got any money. I had just come out with this guy and so I thought I know, if I take my clothes off I’ll actually be more invisible. I just thought I’d just get that far. So I took my clothes off and you know, it really helped because then people didn’t keep saying to me, ‘Why have you got clothes on?’”

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