Raquel Leviss Claimed Tom Sandoval Saw Her 'Like A Little Sister' Before Their Shocking Affair Was Exposed!

Raquel Leviss had a lot of nice public things to say about Tom Sandoval while their affair was going on — and long before it was ever revealed to the rest of us!!

Of course, we’ve been covering the surprising Watch What Happens Live appearance she made last Wednesday alongside fellow Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay. During that talk show sit-down with Bravo host Andy Cohen, the 28-year-old woman asserted Sandoval — and NOT fellow VPR star Tom Schwartz — was the hottest Tom in town.

When it happened, Cohen thought the comment was a little bit suspicious. And according to him, Scheana considered the comment to be super sus. But at the time, nobody knew what was really going on between Raquel and Sandoval. So, after a beat or two, everybody moved on. That is, until a few hours later when s**t hit the fan and Ariana Madix learned her man had been running around on her for MONTHS.

Anyways, last Wednesday’s WWHL comment wasn’t the only time Raquel previously piped up about the man! In fact, last summer, she glowingly spoke about Sandoval at the opening of his lounge Schwartz & Sandy’s!!

This recently-resurfaced interview took place last July. In it, Leviss was asked about her relationships with other VPR stars. At first, she admitted to getting much closer to both Scheana and Ariana. Considering July would have been right around the time Raquel and Tom first started going behind Madix’s back, ummmm, that’s kind of awkward!!

Nevertheless, Leviss said:

“Yeah, I’ve gotten really close with Scheana and Ariana. And then Sandoval as well. I feel like he’s become one of my best friends lately.”


Obviously, it’s pretty safe to say Ariana does not feel “really close” to Raquel after the wild happenings of this month. Scheana, too, appears to be permanently on the outs with former pal Leviss after Shay first learned of the affair after their aforementioned WWHL appearance.

But that old interview all came to a head with Raquel’s comments about the the Most Extras frontman. When asked about Tom, Leviss offered a glowing statement about how “in touch with himself” he is, and how close the two of them were getting. She even said she felt like Sandoval’s “little sister” at the time!! What?!

Raquel stated:

“He just is so in touch with himself and fully accepting of who he is and is so confident and, I don’t know, I feel like he looks at me like a little sister and he’s supporting me. And you know, just a very kind way that I really, yeah, he’s a really great guy.”

Little sister?!?

You can see that resurfaced interview from last July for yourself at the link HERE.

As for where things go now, well, that seems to be anyone’s guess. For the moment, it appears Tom and Raquel are still seeing each other regularly — whether just for VPR filming or for more romantic entanglements. Meanwhile, Madix has totally (and understandably) shut the door on any future reconciliation with Sandoval.

And it still remains to be seen what might come of THAT FaceTime video involving Raquel and Tom, too. Jeez!

What do U think of this old interview, tho, Perezcious readers?? Share all your takes on Tom, Raquel, and Ariana down in the comments (below)!

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