Rauw Alejandro Says Rosalía Split Was NOT Due To Cheating – But Offers A Cryptic Capper?

Rauw Alejandro is speaking out after news broke of his breakup with now-former-fiancée Rosalía.

On Tuesday night, we reported the sad news that the two lovely Latino singers called it quits. The sudden and unexpected split ended their engagement — which was made official earlier this year — and broke up a multi-year relationship that saw them connect on a deep level and make new music together.

But in recent months, things had been off between the two 30-year-olds, and it all ended in a flurry prior to Tuesday’s reveal.

Now, in the aftermath of that rough rift, Rauw Alejandro is saying his piece on the fracture and its fallout. On Wednesday afternoon, the Puerto Rican-born recording artist took to Twitter with a poignant Spanish-language statement about it.

He began:

“Throughout all these years, you’ve been part of my professional accomplishments, as well as all the happy moments I lived with my partner. I never thought I’d be in a position where I’d have to give a public statement about such a private matter in my life.”

From there, the Lokera singer got right to the heart of the matter.

He confirmed in no uncertain terms that he and the Spanish-born songstress have indeed parted ways. However, he was keen on laying out that cheating was not the cause of them calling off their engagement:

“Yes, a few months ago, Rosi and I ended our engagement. There are thousands of problems that can cause a breakup but, in our case, it was not because of infidelity or a third person.”

So there?

Clearly, false allegations flying around on social media have gotten to the performer. As he explained in the conclusion of his message about being newly single, Rauw simply “couldn’t stay quiet” while online critics try to “destroy the most real love story” of his life with apparently baseless infidelity allegations:

“During this time that I’m taking to put everything together, there have been false public allegations, and because of the respect I have for her, our families and all we ever lived, I couldn’t stay quiet and continue to see how they try to destroy the most real love story God has ever allowed me to live. With nothing more to add, to my fans that I love so much: thank you for being there.”


That is quite the capper. Seriously, hearing that has our heart breaking for him. And thus, it also sounds like any cheating queries can now be dismissed…

But also: does the final part of this new statement suggest Rauw was not the one to end it? And thus, it was Rosalía’s decision to part ways??

No confirmation on that yet, but clearly the performer is torn up about it and the first to speak about losing “the most real love story God has ever allowed me to live.” He did not mince words with that. Very cryptic, TBH. So…?

You can read the entire statement (below):

As you may recall, these two first met back in 2019 at the Latin Grammys after a long string of social media convos. Early on in their relationship, they jointly told Billboard that their relationship was “love at first sight.” Awww!

Dating for a few years led to an engagement back in March, which was revealed in a surprise as part of the music video for their new track Beso. They released that single along with a joint EP which dropped that month, too. And now, suddenly, it’s all over.


Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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