Salma Hayek Shares NIGHTMARE Video Of What It's Like For Tom Cruise To Go To A Restaurant!

Salma Hayek obviously knows what the celebrity treatment is like. She’s been a movie star for three decades now! But when you’re talking about Tom Cruise, well… that’s a whole other level!

This week Salma posted a series of pics and videos on Instagram that she captioned simply:

When you take your friend Tom to dinner.”

But the content of the carousel isn’t a fun dinner with pals. It’s a SWARM of folks with cameras, all trying to get a moment with the Mission: Impossible star! And say what you will about Tom, he keeps a smile on his face as he takes a selfie with each and every one! It’s wild!

Would YOU be able to deal with this every time you went out to a restaurant?! It’s unclear where exactly they’re at, but see the glory and horror of being the biggest movie star in the world for yourself (below):

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