Sam Faiers has placenta made into gummies and nappy cream: ‘It’s amazing’

Mum of three Sam Faiers takes a traditional approach when it comes to naming her children. She and partner Paul Knightley share 'little' Paul, six, four year old Rosie and newborn Edward. But her approach to post birth recovery is anything but conventional. Taking her cues from US stars Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, former TOWIE star Sam had her placenta turned into a variety of products following Edward's birth seven weeks ago.

Sam says: "I've never done it before – so when I was giving birth to the placenta I was like, 'Can someone get the freezer box out?'. Then people came round a few hours later and collected it."

Supporters of ingesting the placenta after labour say that the practice prevents anemia, boosts breast milk supply, balances hormones and can even lower your chances of having post natal depression. While Sam acknowledges that some think the practice is pointless or even a bit gross, she is thrilled with her decision.

She adds: "I know some people think it's bizarre but, honestly, if you're not weirded out by it, I would recommend it. I do feel like taking my placenta pills really helped me with a speedy recovery and my mood."

Sam, 31 also adds that it's not just her that has used the placenta! "I even use the balm on the baby if he has nappy rash – it's amazing. It's pure goodness," she says.

Sam is not the only famous face who has sought the benefits of ingesting her placenta. After the birth of her daughter North, now nine, she said the placenta (which she had turned into pills) gave her a "surge of energy". She also added that they made her feel "really healthy and good".

Kim, 41, also said: "I really didn't want the baby blues and thought I can't go wrong with taking a pill made of my own hormones."

Meanwhile, John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen also ingested her placenta after the birth of her second child, Miles, now four. When questioned about her decision, Chrissy, 36 said: "That's not a normal thing? I'm in L.A, it's very normal. They grill it here." She also revealed that she shared the private process of eating her placenta because she'd been so open with her followers about her fertility struggles. She said: 'They deserved to know."

Actress Hilary Duff, 34, shared that she drank her placenta in a "delightful" smoothie after hearing that ingesting it can help with preventing postnatal depression and post-birth bleeding. "I figured it was worth a shot," she said.


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