Sofia Carson Speaks Out About A Possible Purple Hearts Sequel

Sofia Carson has heard the fans and sees that they’re wanting a sequel to her new Netflix movie, Purple Hearts.

The new movie, which also stars Nicholas Galitzine, has racked up over 100 million hours viewed in its first two weeks, and counting.

While it may seem like there’d be no room for a sequel to the movie at all, considering what happens at the end of it, Sofia looks to be open to one regardless.

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While speaking with Variety about the film, Sofia revealed that she’s open to the possibility of a sequel.

“Now fans have kind of been demanding a sequel and there’s so many fan theories and fan stories and potential spinoffs, so of course it’s lovely to think of a life for Cassie and Luke beyond this film,” she shared. “I adore being Cassie and I’d be curious to see where it goes. Who knows. You never know!”

Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, who directed the film, added that nothing is official just yet.

“I mean, I could watch the two of them and their chemistry all day. And they’re just great people to work with, so I definitely won’t rule it out,” she shared.

Elizabeth added, “We wouldn’t do anything unless we really, really loved it, because we want to stay true to the integrity. We haven’t landed on anything specific yet. It’s always a possibility.”

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