The Edgier Side Of Las Vegas By Night! This Feels Like New York City! Plus, Super Fun Kiddie Stuff By Day! | Perez Hilton

Come with us and be transported to another world! Perez was lucky enough to go a locals spots where a dazzling variety show takes place most nights a week in Las Vegas! Downtown is where it’s at and this venue felt like stepping into the Kit Kat Club or The Box! Miss Behave encourages you to misbehave and you’re  dazzled by raunchy, quirky, adult performers. Comedians, jugglers, aerialists, skaters, singers, freaks and more! Watch some of the highlights we caught and…prior to our R-rated shenanigans, we took our children on TWO outings that they loved! Perez is an overachiever like that! There was lots of sugar and lots of playing! Such a fun day! Watch!

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