Valerie Bertinelli Stuns Fans After She Gives Brutally Honest Response to a Comment

Actress, TV personality and Food Network chef Valerie Bertinelli may have only started getting into the TikTok groove herself a few weeks ago, but she’s quickly becoming a pro at it.

The 62-year old former Hot in Cleveland star has been was interacting with her followers’ comments and getting candid with them on the social media app (her one NSFW TikTok went viral on June 1 when Valerie filmed herself lip syncing a sassy clip from media influencer Rossi Woods).

And recently, she was praised for her response to a comment from a fan that said “Your skin is so pretty!!!”. Valerie replied smiling, “Thank you Lucy but it’s not my skin. It’s this filter,” then turning off the filter to show exactly what her skin really looks like.

Reply to @lucilark

Her fans flocked to the comments to share heart emojis and heartfelt compliments. “Even without the filter your skin is still beautiful,” wrote one fan. “AAANNNDDD with the filter off, you still look fabulous 🥰,” wrote another. Many fans commented about how real Valerie is. “I love how you’re so real! You’re beautiful!”

One fan even commented a sweet memory her mother had of Valerie. “And she’s kind. My mom who’s a flight attendant met her in the airport elevator on her way home from work. She said she was so gracious & kind.😌”

These were only a few of the many comments praising her for being honest, for showing her true beauty and being unapologetically herself on the social media app. She recently discussed this decision to be more open and candid with her fans during an appearance on Hoda and Jenna, where she also discussed her late ex-husband Eddie Van Halen, their son Wolfie and her recent divorce from second husband Tom Vitale after 11 years together.

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“When I do say it out loud and so many people reach out and say ‘Oh I feel the same way.’ I feel like I’m doing it in a selfish way because it makes me feel not so alone.”It makes me feel better to be able to get all of the mess out of my mouth and it doesn’t sit here,” she said.

In addition to her growing TikTok, Bertinelli has been busy this past year working on the Food Network and releasing her own memoir, Enough Already: Learning to Love the Way I Am Today in January.

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