When Will John Oliver Stop Winning Emmys For Best Variety Talk Series? The Host Has An Answer Emmys Backstage

“How many Emmys do you have?” one reporter quizzed John Oliver about his Emmy winning streak for Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. 

The late night HBO series took home its seventh consecutive Emmy win tonight for Best Variety Talk Series; counting an overall 17 Emmy wins.

“Do I have? Personally? You say that like there’s a slight threat in your voice!” hysterically retorted Oliver, “How many do you have? Because it’s too many”

Asked if he had a plan of ever letting going of his streak (last year Oliver sent a message to Conan O’Brien that he’d have to take the Emmy from his “cold, dead hand”), Oliver got sincere: “It’s not really up to me.”

“I’m proud of my staff, they work really so hard, especially these last three years,” the host said.

“What’s emotional is that I still haven’t seen most of them. Last year we were still working remotely, so I think there’s a whole chunk of them in the audience that I haven’t seen in years,” confessed Oliver.

Even though he wasn’t asked where he keeps his pile of Emmy gold in his NYC residence, Oliver revealed anyway.

“I have two little children, right, this is not a criticism, it’s a beautiful design…I have them in a closet where they can’t get to them. Because this to a child is a weapon or something that can be impaled on if they fall over,” said Oliver.

For despite the accolades, Oliver is pretty humble about the Emmy stash: “You can’t see them if you’re in my house.”


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