Will pregnant Rihanna make an appearance at this years Met Gala? links

Will pregnant Rihanna attend the Met Gala this year? [LaineyGossip]
Spoilers for this week’s Succession – Marcia’s back & kicking ass! [Pajiba]
These Ariana Grande pics on the set of Wicked are confusing, given the promotional images. Will this movie actually be well-lit or not? [Dlisted]
Chris Pine wore the everloving f–k out of a tuxedo this weekend. [RCFA]
Brendan Hunt, aka Coach Beard, looks handsome in purple. [Go Fug Yourself]
Toni Collette looks great promoting that mafia comedy. [Tom & Lorenzo]
I did not know that Dax Shepard has this many tattoos. [Just Jared]
It’s absolutely wild to see child-labor protections get rolled back by Republican-controlled states. By “wild” I mean “shocking.” [Jezebel]
Jenna Ortega partied at Coachella. [Egotastic]
Most serial killers hold down normal jobs? I mean, it’s true. [Buzzfeed]
Kal Penn was on Sabrina the Teenage Witch! [Seriously OMG]
Christine Brown continues to live her best life post-Kody. [Starcasm]
Ron DeSantis keeps trying to battle with Disney. [Towleroad]

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