9 Jaw-Dropping Features Inside Jim Carrey’s $36 Million Dollar Private Jet

In the early 2000s, when Jim Carrey was one of the highest-paid actors in the world, he purchased a stunning $36 million private jet to travel to destinations for work and leisure.

Jim Carrey was 12 years old when he lived with his family in a van after his father lost a job. His natural comedic timing and impersonation skills helped him land gigs at comedy clubs when he was 15. After performing as an opening act on comedy tours, Carrey starred in sketch comedy shows. He made his debut as a lead in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, which became a massive success, making him an overnight star. His follow-up films The Mask, Dumb & Dumber, and The Cable Guy were equally successful and earned him salaries upwards of $10 million per role. The actor has amassed a massive $180 million fortune over the years.

While Jim Carrey prefers to live a private lifestyle with modest homes, the actor has splashed out on making one big purchase after his career took off. He bought a $36 million private jet in 2002 with a series of top-of-the-line amenities and interior for an enjoyable stay. A business jet made for comfortable aviation, let’s look at the jaw-dropping features of Jim Carrey’s private plane.

9 A Long History


Carrey owns a Gulfstream V, which was first introduced in 1995. It is the predecessor of the Gulfstream VI, which began production in 1983. The run of the Gulfstream V lasted until 2002. To compete with Bombardier’s business jet, Gulfstream looked to create a powerful business jet that could become the perfect solution for private companies and personalities for travel.

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8 The Last Gulfstream GV


Jim Carrey owns the 2002 model, which was the last year that Gulfstream V was in production. According to Simple Flying, the most eye-catching feature of the private jet is the ultra-long-range and the capacity to travel large distances non-stop. The operational ceiling was increased to 51,000 feet, along with a refined look to avoid traffic.

7 Made For Military


Due to its large capacity and ease of travel, Carrey’s Gulfstream V is a commonly used model in the military. In the United States, high-ranking military officers and members of the Government use the jet for traveling purposes. Air forces in countries such as Israel, Greece, Japan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and Greece also use the Gulfstream V to carry out a variety of missions.

6 State Of The Art Engine


For long journeys, Jim Carrey’s private jet is installed with the best mechanics for an effortless flight. As noted by Guardian Jet, his jet has two Rolls-Royce BR 700-710A1-10 engines worth upwards of $3.5 million. The engine offers optimum power for a non-stop flight and reduces the overhaul cost.

5 Has Cabin Zones


Carrey’s jet has three cabin zones, two meant for leisure and entertainment. The plane has a seating capacity of 18 passengers. However, a Gulfstream V business jet often has a capacity of 14 passengers. Inside, the space has a sink and a full-sized galley to provide optimum service to travelers, along with satellite television. The jet has ample space to fit two crew members at a time.

4 Chic Interior


The plane has beige leather furniture with gold hardware. As mentioned by Global Air, the forward cabin has four recliner seats, the middle cabin has four seats with a leather couch, and the aft cabin has additional four chairs to reach the capacity of 16. Along with a vacation journey, Carrey can also finish his work on the fold-out tables during travel. The cabins come with power outlets and an option to add a humidifier if necessary.

3 Perfect For Long Journeys


The Gulfstream V offers a staggering performance during its travels for a luxurious journey. With a range of 7,500 miles, the jet has an endurance of 14 hours and 28 minutes, enough to take a long international trip. It offers a maximum speed of Mach 0.88 and a cruising speed of Mach 0.83. Additionally, the Carrey’s jet has a climb rate of 4,188 feet per minute.

2 State Of The Art Infotainment


While the infotainment in a commercial flight keeps the travelers occupied, the services in a private jet will always remain unmatched. Along with big-screen satellite television, Carrey’s jet also has monitors for each passenger that showcases the live weather forecast, journey details, and streaming movies, as Wi-Fi is also available during the flight.

1 A Celebrity Favorite


Since the jet model was discontinued in 2002, it has become an extremely rare possession. It is reported that only 100 Gulfstream V private jets are available for retail which has led to a hike in its price, as stated by Private Jet Clubs. Many celebrities, including Tyler Perry and Tom Cruise, have opted to own a Gulfstream jet. Like Carrey, Mel Gibson and Jerry Seinfeld hold the Gulfstream V.

The journey and experience of a luxurious trip in a private jet remain unmatched. While Jim Carrey had difficult years during the start of his career, his success has helped him make lavish purchases since then. In 2022, the actor announced that he plans to retire to spend more time with his family in the coming year.

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