A Peek Inside Tennis Superstar Rafael Nadal’s Splendid Car Collection

Rafael Nadal is a 36 years old Spanish professional tennis player who is regarded as the best athlete in the history of Spain. Now, while everyone has a guilty pleasure they love to splurge on, usually something they can’t get enough of no matter how many they own or how expensive it is, Rafael Nadal can’t get enough of exotic cars. As one of the highest-paid and one of the greatest tennis players of all time, the Spanish tennis player who lives a life of luxury loves cars and shows it by acquiring anyone that catches his fancy. For some, a car should just perform the basic function of commuting from place to place and they’ll rather own a few that does the basic job, for Rafael who is thrilled by automobiles, he definitely goes out of his way to build his car collection with some of the most luxurious and exotic cars out there. Let’s find out the content of his eye-catching and exquisite garage in this piece.

7 Kia Stinger GT ($53,990)

Rafael has been an ambassador for the South Korean Multinational Automobile Kia since he was a teenager, so, it’s no surprise that his collection would definitely feature a Kia Stinger which costs $53,990. The Kia Stinger was gifted to him after they launched a Rafael Edition Kia stinger which was customized for the tennis legend. The interior of the Kia Stinger features a touch-screen media interface, the exterior features Rafael’s signature and when it was launched, everyone who purchased the Rafael Edition also received a Rafael Tennis bat with his signature.

6 Kia EV6 GT ($58,695)

Rafael’s car collection also features a Kia EV6 GT which was presented to him in 2021 at a special handover ceremony in Manacor. This impressive addition to Rafael’s car collection is the very first electric vehicle from the South Korean Multinational Automobile Company Kia, it is also one of the swiftest five-door EVs in its division with ample visual modifications.

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5 Mercedes Benz AMG G63 ($138,000)

This symbol of luxury in the form of a car is a great cross-country travel vehicle with a 416 HP engine, 450Ib-ft torque, and its advanced Biturbo V8 is capable of thrusting the G550 from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 5 seconds. Rafael Nadal got this car for $138,000 and with its features, it sure provides him the luxury and comfort he expects from it.

4 Mercedes Benz AMG SL55 ($138,850)

This is one of the most popular cars in Rafael Nadal’s exquisite car collection and word has it that it was his favorite at the time he acquired it in a shiny deep red color. The Mercedes Benz SL55 is worth $138,850, with a 5-speed automatic transmission with perfect control of the 476 HP engine. One of its most remarkable features includes a speed of up to 200 km per hour in less than 20 seconds.

3 Mercedes Benz AMG GTS ($143,700)

The Mercedes AMG GTS is one of the luxurious cars that graces Rafael’s car collection garage. It is worth $143,000 and was acquired in 2015 after winning the Mercedes Cup in Germany. The car features a 4Litre V8 which makes 550 HP in addition to a torque of 500Ib-ft and it is painted in the same yellow as a tennis ball.

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2 Ferrari 458 Italia ($289,900)

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the symbols of luxury that graces Rafael’s garage as it complements his personality. The car is popular and famous amongst celebrities and Rafael wasn’t left out as he was quick to acquire the Ferrari 458 Italia in an all-white color for the sum of $289,900. The car boasts a speed of 202 miles per hour and it has a spot as one of the fastest sports cars in Rafael’s car collection. It also features mind-blowing accelerating numbers and can go up to 60 miles per hour in less than 4 seconds. The essence of all its actions is in the dynamic V8 engine that compels the Ferrari 458 Italia to live up to its expectations at a high level.

1 Aston Martin DBS ($334,700)

The one thing Rafael Nadal and James Bond have in common is that they both share enthusiasm for the Aston Martin luxury sports cars so much so that Rafael didn’t think twice when he decided to give himself the Aston Martin DBS all grey on his birthday at the massive cost of $334,700. The luxury this two-seater car exudes starts from the inside which is jaw-dropping, with only 3400 units of it produced, it features an AM11 V12, all-alloy, and quad-overhead camshaft engine which functions with a 6-speed manual transmission to deliver an impeccable performance.

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